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Phoena are Scions with the true from of the blessed phoenix. Scientists, archivists, and even the scions themselves debate on whether or not this is a sub species or an ethnicity. However, we believe they are their own set of culture and beliefs. As a result, Archivist Glenhook, our cultural and biological researcher on sapiens, has compiled an array of information about them.   Phoena are empathic and willful. This has been known to appear as emotional or illogical. They have their own opinion that is unshakable and can make them quite reliable.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

While their naming conventions have been lost to time, here some examples still used today.   Sol, Cinder, Torch, Radiance

Masculine names

While their naming conventions have been lost to time, here some examples still used today.   Ash, Nether, Revi, Sheen


Shared customary codes and values

Life should be cherished above all else.
— Speaker Radiance

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Rite of Renewal

  Every 100 years, the phoena fall into a coma for one weak only to be infused with energy afterward. The process is extremely painful, but to make it less painful, they perform a series of rituals to reduce the pain over two weeks instead of one. The 1st rite involves inhaling powerful incense made from Troga Trees. The phoena then proceeds into the coma for about a week before the next phase. At the end of that week, a partner will blow fire on to them for one minute, magical or not. They will come out unscathed and continue in the coma for another week. On the last day, the incense are burned again to awaken them from their slumber. As they wake they will release a burst of magical energy which won't be a strong due to the rites. It's painful, but afterwards they feel refreshed.

Common Taboos

Phoena are strictly pacifists. While they are not completely adverse to violence, they despise killing most of all.

Historical figures

Lorsa : A hero from The Union of Pellamulara and a legend among many even if she was less heroic than the others.   Speaker Radiance: The 2nd Speaker of the Scion's Circle.

Major organizations

Among all scions, the Scion's Circle is the only source of authority to them. The Phoena are no exception. With their seat on the council they work towards research and archiving events, studying life magic, and watching over the Glade of Banner Hill. Their job is not only understand the past, but also to how the past ripples towards the future.
Phoena are beacons of hope to many. They have been known to live in communities to act as advisors and protectors over the town.
— Archivist Renna
Encompassed species
Related Organizations
Languages spoken

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