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Draconis are the Scions of the legendary dragons. Scientists, archivists, and even the scions themselves debate on whether or not this is a sub species or an ethnicity. However, we believe they are their own set of culture and beliefs. As a result, Archivist Glenhook, our cultural and biological researcher on sapiens, has compiled an array of information about them.   Draconis are the most proud people among the scions. They are known to be strong spoken, eloquent, and determined. This can all be seen as stubborn, and large egos. With either opinion, they are very industrious and are the kind of people to protect their own.  

World Relations

  Draconis magic has always had an affinity towards the death magics with its embodiment Barcinturattan being a dragon. Among the other scions, they are the ones most capable of destruction with them easily able to destroy entire cities by themselves. Historically, many were part of The Embrace with their lust for power. They are normally hated by most groups because of this. This has given them a bad impression among many cultures. While the scions themselves are not shunned, Draconis themselves are shunned out of many villages because of their history with them.   Farnora has had an upper ward battle against this prejudice while leading the Scion's Circle. She has greatly improved the outlook the rest of the world has on her people.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

While their naming conventions have been lost to time, here some examples still used today.   Farnora, Riley, Dinve, Silaen, Tirdrisa

Masculine names

While their naming conventions have been lost to time, here some examples still used today.   Saelmith, An, Azarrer, Filthir, Nethure


Major language groups and dialects

Their original language was Ancient Tongue, but nearly no one speaks it. Presently they tend to speak the native language of the region with some parts of Ancient Tongue.

Culture and cultural heritage

Most their culture was lost to time after the Never-Ending Crisis. There are a few traditions they have kept through the ages.   Awakened Sash   While not as used by the other scions as much, these are unique to each scion. It's a personal sash. Traditionally Draconis have red sashes.   The Rite of Magic   One type of coming of age rite that has been passed down is the Rite of Magic. In this tradition, when a Draconis scion comes the age of 100, there powers tend to grow uncontrollably. As a result, he or she is taken out to a underpopulated area to release this energy in a safe and cathartic way. This is done with either another scion in need of the rite and/or an elder scion to observe the rite. Combat is common with the victor passing the rite. The loser must stay must either fight and win against the elder or lose their mind to the magic in which they must be killed. While this appears dangerous, in reality both live and neither need to repeat the rite.   Celebration of Gifts   Draconis love materiel possessions, so they made their own small celebration to do just that. In present day, they choose the city of Aulus (City) due to the large size and the most accessible to the world. During the celebration they give gifts to their most loved ones. It's considered an honor to receive one, but not an insult not to get one. In most cases a person will get at least one. The gifts themselves are almost always handmade.

Historical figures

Farnora is the first Draconis to be the Speaker of the Scion's Circle. She is an inspiration to many Draconis.   Thyrador was part of the circle as well as The Union of Pellamulara. He is the hero many children dream of being.


Gender Ideals

Draconis are known to be very ridged and an individual is either male or female, there is not in between and their gender is determined by their sex. While some break these norms, they are ostracized by other of their kind.

Courtship Ideals

Their dragon blood seems to meld into them when they are courting. Males will display large sums of wealth or materiel value with large displays of power. Females will pick apart this displays until a proper mate if found. Traditionally this is how courtship begins. However, it's very common of interracial relationships to occur, so the rules change slightly. The non-Draconis will instead wait for the Draconis to approach them with this display. Not following this structure will insult them the majority of the them.   Afterward its common to give each other gifts to submit the feelings of love. These gifts do not need to be valuable, but must have thought put into the gift. When ~50 years have passed then marriage is considered.

Major organizations

Among all scions, the Scion's Circle is the only source of authority to them. The Draconis are no exception. With their seat in the circle, the Draconis are entrusted with enchantment, the Glade of Septimus (Refer to map), and necromancy. While generally frowned upon, the chosen Draconis merely studies and practices the counter magics required to stop them.
The debate happens almost weekly with an Academy professor and Glenhook about if they are a sub-race. I can see both sides of this disagreement, but I tend to side with Glenhook. Historically their culture was very distinct but related to typical scion culture. The Awakened Sash would be a prime example. However, they do have a few biological differences that might make them distinct enough to separate each type of scion into it's on race.
— Archivist Renna
Encompassed species
Related Organizations
Languages spoken

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