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The Fall of the Elves

The tale of the Fall of the Elves is among the most widely-known legends of Aressa. It tells the tale of the Elven peoples at the beginning of the world, and their fall through ambition and pride to darkness.


When Life emerged from the battles between Creation and Destruction, the original gods set aside their conflicts for fear of destroying this new being. Mediated by Life, they formed the Divine Pact, an agreement to create the world and settle disputes in it so that such great energy would never be unleashed again. Once the Seven had created the world, the gods made the seven mortal races to act on their behalf. Though the free-willed mortals soon rebelled, the gods maintained ties to their races: Creation's was the elves.   These original elves had many powers of mind and body, and could change their shape and appearance at will, so that many of them could even fly through the air or live in the deeps of the seas. For years uncounted they worked, and wrought great artifacts, some magical, some merely beautiful. Their mastery of the world was uncontested, and their glory and power increased beyond imagining.   This golden age lasted centuries, but eventually the other races learned and grew, approaching the skill of the elves. The elves grew envious, believing in their pride that the other races could only gain such knowledge from the Seven themselves. "Why should these lesser peoples have the favor of the gods and be guided to the glory we have reached," they said, "when we arose first, and achieved greatness unaided?" At first these words were only murmurs in the dark, but soon they spread, and were spoken widely and heard by all.   In this time, as the elves grew discontent, the being known as Losli first appeared to them. Whether she was an Aspect of a deity, a fey creature, or merely a powerful mortal is unknown, but she offered the elves great knowledge and power. Many elves learned of her eagerly, and her followers went throughout the lands. Her most devoted changed their form so as to resemble hers, as they had seen it: tall and lithe, with obsidian-black skin and silver-white hair, and red eyes that burned as if they were aflame. They called themselves the Losow, or people of Losli, and at first they were welcomed by other elves as friends and teachers. But soon Losli began to whisper in her followers' ears, and the Losow grew ambitious and proud; they came as lords demanding tribute, and sought to take the other elves as slaves, and crown themselves lords of the world.   It is said that Losli planned to overthrow the gods, and for this reason began the corruption of the elves, to diminish Creation's power in the world. It is certain that Creation heard the desperate prayers of the elves as the Losow began their war, and appeared in the Aspect of Pelomen, the Warrior, to lead his people against Losli. That war lasted many years, and brought great destruction, and the other races of the world hid from the elves and did not interfere.   But in the end, with great loss and sorrow, the Losow were defeated, and those who survived were shunned and exiled into the depths of the world, into great caves that had openings to the surface. Guard was set over those openings, and some were blocked up or flooded, so that the Lost Elves would never return to the surface. Losli was defeated also in combat with Pelomen, and even now none know what has become of her, though it is said that she guides her followers still in the depths of the earth. Even the faithful were diminished by the war: the great magic wielded in the war drained them, and they lost their former power, becoming trapped in their mortal appearances forever.   And with their great empires destroyed, the dawn of the other mortals was close at hand.

Historical Basis

The Fall is recorded as a true event, though it is unknown how long ago it took place. Some say that a few Elder Elves still live, those who never lost their power to shapeshift, and if they could be found, the tale might be confirmed. The Lost Elves are known to exist, and the many varieties of elves today are believed to owe their existence to the Fall, when many elves were trapped in various forms.


The tale of the Fall is widespread and well-known, even among non-elven peoples.

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