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Alsha and the Eternal Flame

The etarnal flame wasn't so eternal afterall, the little girl realised this as she watched the smoke curl around her. The eternal flame had just been extinguished and so would her village be if nothing was done.


The fairytale of Alsha and the Eternal Flame centers around a young girl named Aisha. Her village depends upon the eternal flame, which burns in the middle of the city. The flame is the village's only source of fire, and since they have no magic users, no one is able to procure fire.

One day, the fire dies out due to the biggest snowstorm that has ever hit the village. It's winter and the townsfolk will freeze to death within days if the fire is not lit again. The next settlement is a week's journey away on a horse, but no one in the village owns one.

A little girl called Aisha sneaks out the night after the fire has gone out, and she sets out to find some way to get the fire back. But the weather is cold and unforgiving, as she makes her way through the rough landscape. One her way she has to overcome 3 obstacles, each time she gets help from a nearby animal send by mother nature herself.

She stumbles upon a shrine shortly after the third and last obstacle, The Shrine of Aralican. The magic of the earth blesses her with magic, even though she is younger than the age were you unlock magic, and even though she didn't have any magical potential at all.

She returns home and becomes the new eternal flame, making sure the village has fire for as long as she lives.

Historical Basis

A similar village to the one described in the tale has been found deep within the The Forest of Lihan. No one knows if the ruins are the village from the tale or if it is merely a coinsidence. Many believe the story to be real, but no one knows for sure.



Date of Setting
2100 BK

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3 Dec, 2018 19:23

I love fairytales. They tend to reveal a lot about the people who tell them. I was wondering if this is the kind of fairytale that's just a story about maybe heritage or a legend, or if it's the kind a fairy tale meant to teach children not to do something wrong? Why did this story catch on and why is it retold to the point where it is an important piece of lore in your world?

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3 Dec, 2018 19:38

The story is supposed to teach children that where there is a will there is a way. Another important element is the magic (which is real in this universe), the story is supposed to be inspiring but also entertaining as it is told with a bit of suspense but with a happy ending. It caught on because mainly because of the magic and because she is able to use it before humans are normally able to unlock it.   Thank you for commenting and liking :D

3 Dec, 2018 19:43

That clears it up and makes it all make sense. lol thank you so much and you're welcome.

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