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Traitors of light

The most well known fairy tale is traitors of light it is about two brothers that are traitors and is trying to destroy a cult of light that has made peace through out the land. The two brothers names are vol and lake they are from a family that has been with the cult for generations. The cult of light is a cult that has made peace with the world and are supposed to keep balance with the world. There is a high council of light that is in charge of the cult. The main character is Rosalyn a person that had just got put in the cult that stayed a dragon on his first day. The council expected great things so they put him in a high position to take care of the two brothers. They nooks are thin books that have little quests in them that lead closer to getting the brothers but the last book and the first book are thicker because they have a big beginning and ending. The power that gives the cult its power is cards that have powers each person has a book of them there are gems on the books that tell the how powerfull the cards are. The person that has wrote it is Yazalat a human that wanted to enspire people that anyone can write books. Yazalat s very close friends with negus that is writing the dragon knight series. Kids really like it and its easy to read basics that are nice to read for beginners. There are sixty books in the series some are more interesting then others but there all really good. There are also coloring books and alphabets that have the words from the book with the alphabet. It is all over the world and have them in most libraries around the world.

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