Shardblade creation myth

Do I have a story to tell you? Of course I do! Let me tell you about the most legendary of weapons and how it was created.

It is well known that desperation breeds ingenuity, but no case comes close to when the legendary shard blade was forged.

The story starts with a war against an enemy with armour neigh impregnable by sword or arrow. As the dwarves were defeated on every front they retreated to their capitol, a final stronghold.

Resources started to dwindle and the king, Orsik Opalhelm, fell ill, the best of the blacksmiths and wizards worked to devise a plan to create a blade so sharp, that no armour could withstand it.

Progress was quickly made, both by the enemy and by the dwarves. As the outer walls started to crack, the great forges of the blacksmiths were heated beyond what they were made to withstand, all in order to create a necessary resource: molten crystal.

With great skill the dwarves succeed to melt crystals and under careful guidance by the wizards, the blacksmiths hammered the crystal into the shape of a longsword worthy of a king or a god. Yet, it lacked the strength necessary to withstand the strains of battle.

When the, now dying, king heard this news he gathered the wizards and said:

I have failed to defend my people in life, give me a chance to succeed in death. Bake my soul to the shardblade and I shall make it strong.

With no other options, Orsiks wish was granted, and with the falling of the outer walls, his soul was bound to the blade in a ritual kept secret to this day.

His son, Dwobram Opalhelm, chose to wield the blade and as he strode out of the halls in gleaming armour to face the menace he proclaimed:

Orsik Opalhelm, my father, my king and my blade, never shall I forget you and what you have done.

Historical Basis

While some of the actions performed by wielders of the sword are likely to be exaggerated, the sword most definitely exists.


Every dwarf wandering the realm knows of this myth, but it's quite normal for the myth to circulate among humans and elves as well, with varying degrees of accuracy.

In Literature

The creation myth has not been recorded as well as the deeds by Dwobram Opalhelm , but there are books and one or two poems about it.

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