Dwobram Opalhelm

Prince Dwobram Opalhelm

Let us show them that dwarves will not go down without a fight.

Born a prince and raised like a prince, Dwobrams youth was not very notable in the grand scheme of things.

That changed once the invasion of his homeland began. Here he became known as a very good soldier, especially while wielding a longsword.

During the final battle at his hometown, during which the legendary Shardblade was forged, Dwobram managed to turn the tide of the battle, slowly pushing the enemy back, giving the other dwarves hope.

Battle after battle, Dwobram stood at the front lines, swinging the Shardblade, changing the fate of dwarves. After a year long campaign to reclaim the dwarven territories, Dwobram had become a very proud dwarf.

Over the years, this pride would start to annoy the other dwarves, as he would lean more and more on his old deeds, rather then moving forward.

In the end, Dwobram started saying that, he would show everyone that he is still the best. He took up an ordinary longsword and went out to kill a giant that had started to harass a new village. He never returned.

His corpse was found months later in the giants cave, after a large group of soldiers had managed to overcome the brute. Dwobrams body was then cremated with a new ritual that came into place after Dwobrams father had died.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

While many dwarves train with longswords, none could ever beat Dwobram.

Vices & Personality flaws

Dworbram became very proud after the first battle with the Shardblade and this lead to conflict within the dwarven leadership.


Orsik Opalhelm

Father (Important)

Towards Dwobram Opalhelm



Dwobram Opalhelm

Son (Vital)

Towards Orsik Opalhelm



Quotes & Catchphrases
Father, the death of your body will not be in vein.


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