Helsing desease

What do you mean with "Kill the vampire myself"?

Exactly what I said. I'm sure that I can do it, I've found enough knowledge to defeat that which plagues our surroundings.


I can't believe I have to say this to the great Van Helsing: It is impossible to kill a vampire by yourself!

You'll see!

Turns around and storms out of the room


She was right, he has gone mad.


Those infected become horrendously overconfident when faced with monsters. The more dangerous the monster is, the higher the overconfidence. some also become thrill seekers.


There is no known cure. The only options for those infected are imprisonment or death.


The first recorded case was a man from Fevillesia , called Abraham Van Helsing, who started claiming that he could defeat the vampire nearby himself.

Since he was a respected man, most just thought that he was joking, but then he actually attacked the vampire, which the other villagers noted when his corpse was found with the markings of a vampire. Now everyone thought that he'd gone mad.

That changed when more people started claiming that they could take on the vampire or other dangerous creatures by themselves. Now the theory turned to some form of decease, but thus far no one has found any rhyme or reason for its spread or origin.

Cultural Reception

Those who have had this condition affect someone close, see it as a tragedy, while those who have only heard rumours don't think that it really exists.

Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare


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