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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a hero in your world who changed history.
A total of 176 entries

Viktor Petrovich "Black Steel"

Calder Blackblood, Warlord and King-Slayer

Ariana Reva - Demon slayer, First of the light

Character: Captain James Ivn

Shau, la Emperatriz de la Ceniza

Nraï, the victorious anger.

King Irodien of the Golden Aurora

Ihern Stormhold - Ninaste of the Grey Elves on Rianor

Succubus Demon Goddess Ashbethlynn Lilithbeth Marilyn Zorah

Queen Empress Leanna Sonantis Claritas Cesarea

Tyson Leeman, The First Dragonslayer

GELAPARE, the Royal Guardian

Lord Ortuan Recorder of time

Takashi Kyoshi of The Primals

Lord Ylliah, the Allfather