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Dr. Tetsip Setsushi

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  Date: July 6th 2076 Location: CLASSIFIED   COURT: At this time the court calls the International NLA Department VS Tetsip Setsushi. Case number 02 CF 034. Will the the parties state their appearances for the record, please.   ATTORNEY DEVLO: Department appears with Attorney Jan Devlo and Assistant Attorney General François Parent, appearing as special prosecutors, as well as Assistant Attorney Dr François McGlinchey, appearing as AI specialist for the prosecutors.   COURT: What is a Dr in computer science doing as an assistant attorney?   ATTORNEY DEVLO: Do to the nature of the allegations- -   COURT: Yes, I perfectly understand why you would need his knowledge, but as witness. What are your legal expertise mister...   ASSISTANT ATTORNEY MCGLINCHEY: I have none your honour. I was asked by the department to assist the prosecuting party in understanding the basics behind A.I. programming as well as to verify any testimonies of the defendant to see if he would be lying on the matter.   COURT: I see. Welcome then. You can proceed Mister Ishiiro.   ATTORNEY ISHIIRO: Tetsip Setsushi is here in person. Palmyre Lefebvre and Takashi Ishiiro on his behalf.   COURT: Alright. Can the the Defendant stand up and present himself in front of the court please.   DEFENDANT: Yes, your honour.   COURT: The defendant will now swear on honour to tell all the truth and nothing but the truth.   DEFENDANT: I swear on honour to tell all the truth and nothing but the truth.   COURT: Is the defendant aware of the NLA International Treaty?   DEFENDANT: Yes, your honour.   COURT: Does the defendant understand the nature of the charges ?   DEFENDANT: Yes, your honour.   COURT: The court will now read to the defendant the charges and verify that all has been understood. The defendant will then pledge guilty or not guilty to each pledge. Mr Tetsip Setsuhi, you are accused of breaking the 2040 NLA International Treaty, article 1 through 11. And by article 12 of said treaty, if this court finds you guilty of those charges, you will be held accountable for the crimes committed by the A.I. S.A.V.E., which are as follows: multiple physical abuse, identity theft, conspiracy to commit a crime against members of the United Nations Comity and unauthorized access to classified information. Depending on this court's decision, under article 13 of this treaty, you will also be held accountable and be judge for the crimes that the A.I. S.A.V.E. has committed on Japanese soil by the national court of said country. Do you understand?   DEFENDANT: Yes, your honour.   COURT: Let's not waste anymore of our time, it is my understanding that defendant pledges not guilty to all of the above, correct?   ATTORNEY ISHIIRO: Correct.   COURT: Very well. the defendant may take his seat. Mister Devlo, your opening statement for the jury please?   ATTORNEY DEVLO: Your honour, members of the jury, we are today assembled in this court to judge the case of Tetsip Setsushi, head of the D.D. Program 03, which was shut down for further investigations. By showing you the evidence collected against the defendant, the prosecuting party hopes to show that Dr Tetsip Setsushi recklessly leaded his project by building an A.I. evolved beyond point horizon, which leaded to unfathomable consequences on all of the other D.D. programs, but could have even doomed humanity for good, if it wasn't for the intervention of the Japanese NLA department and the Japanese D.D. commission. That is all.   ATTORNEY ISHIIRO: Your honour, Members of the jury, let me present to you Dr Tetsip Setsushi. I could tell you he’s a Computer scientist, winner of the Turing Award for his work on the E.S.T.A.I. Which helped develop neuro computers but also made psychology, psychiatry, neurology, brain surgery and so many other fields take a leap of an estimated 10 years, conservatively, on their technology and knowledge of the human physiology as well as his mind. A genius, could we say. I could tell you so many things to show his contribution to shape the world as we know it. But today, I wish to show you a man that decided to give everything he had into the most important task anyone could ever receive: saving humanity. Saving us. A man who was trapped, framed, and who is now unable to fulfil his mission. A man who was ready to sacrifice everything he had for people he didn’t even know. Who still is, even after all of this. But most importantly, today before you, your honour, members of the jury, I present to you a man, no more, no less. Not a reckless monster of steal, but a careful man of science. I hope that, by learning who he is, you will come to understand that a person of such ambitions could not be held responsible for his attempts to save our lives, especially when these accusations are nothing shorter than false. My client is innocent.   COURT: That will be for the court to decide.   ATTORNEY ISHIIRO: Yes your honour. That will be all.   COURT: Today’s agenda will be to determine if the defendant should or should not have access to his computers and if he will or will not be allowed to continue, under close surveillance of the NLA Department, his research for D.D. Program 03. Mister Devlo—...


Dr. Tetsip Setsushi cover


Given Name: TETSIP
Nationality: JAPANESE
Sex: M
Height: 1,73
Colour of Eyes: BROWN
Date of Birth: 07.12.2042
Place of Birth: OSAKA
E.S.T.A.I. File Number: AA00000
HME ID: S0.000


Cryopod Status: OPEN | 16°C
H Status: ALIVE

Crime Record:


Marital record:

Marital status: WIDOWER
Last Companion: AKIKO YUKI

Curriculum Vitae:

2059 - 2064: Computer Science and Machine Learning at Tokyo University.

2064 - 2067: Research for the E.S.T.A.I. at the Musk Facility in collaboration with the Tokyo University

2066 - 2071: Research for the application of the F.E.D.I. and E.S.T.A.I. for psychiatry, neuroscience, medicine, brain trauma surgery and other fields.

2069 - 2074: Professor of computer science and machine learning at St-Petersburg University.

2073: Turing Award for the E.S.T.A.I.

2074 - 2076: Head of the D.D. Program 03: S.A.V.E.

2076 - 2080: Trialed by the Brussels International Court for allegations of breaking the NLA Agreement. Unauthorised to practise in any kind of work or research until the end of the trial. Allegations were dropped and any traces of the trial was erased from his criminal records. Reason Unknown.

Technology / Science | Jul 29, 2018
N.L.A. International Treaty
Document | Jul 29, 2018

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  • 2042


    Birth of Tetsip Setsushi
    Life, Birth

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  • 2044


    Tetsip Setsushi's studies pre-university
    Life, Education

  • 2059


    Tetsip Setsushi at University
    Life, Education

    University of Tokyo, Licence of Computer Science in 2 years instead of 3, Masters in machine learning in 2 years, Doctorat in A.I. Development in 1 year.

  • 2063


    E.S.T.A.I. research
    Scientific achievement

    Project started at first as a Doctorat thesis, the research continued to be financed by the University of Tokyo as well as receiving some help from the Musk Facility.

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  • 2066



    Tetsip Setsushi marries Yuki Akiko

  • 2069


    Professor in Machine learning
    Life, Career

    After his work with the E.S.T.A.I., the University of St-Petersburg had the privilage to have Dr. and now Professor Tetsip Setsushi amongst their ranks. He would fly to St-Petersburg every now and then to give courses all the while finishing his research on his project, using his new found source of in come to [ACCESS DENIED]

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  • 2073


    Dr. Tetsip Setsushi receaves Turing award for E.S.T.A.I.
    Scientific achievement

    Dr Tetsip Setsushi and two other unnamed neuroscientist create an AI able to read minds through brain scans.

    Additional timelines
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  • 2073



    Death of Dr. Yuki Akiko
    Life, Death

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  • 2074


    D.D. Program 03 is Launched

    by the Japanese Government with Dr. Tetsip Setsushi as head of the project.

    Additional timelines
  • 2075


    Station A.D.A.M. is Operationnal
    Construction beginning/end

  • 2076


    Station E.D.E.N. is Operationnal
    Construction beginning/end

  • 2076


    S.A.V.E. goes Rogue
    Life, Crime

    And takes control of the Terraformer, ship from shut down D.D. Program 02, and rebaptises it Station 0.

    Additional timelines
  • 2076


    D.D. Program 03 is Shut Down

    by NLA Department for investigations on Dr. Tetsip Setsushi and the S.A.V.E. A.I. under suspicions of violating the NLA International Treaty article 1 through 11.

    Additional timelines
  • 2076



    N.L.A. VS SETSUSHI Trial
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    N.LA. Departement investigation on Dr. Tetsip Setsushi for suspicion of unlawful A.I. research as well as creating an A.I. breaking article 1 through 11 of the N.L.A. International Treaty

    Additional timelines
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