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Book Overview: S.A.V.E. Station 0

3 people of the 21st century (2020-30ish, max 41) who know each other find themselves in a space ship not knowing how they got here.

What happen is they all had a common friend who worked on a new type of brain scan tech called F.E.D.I. These brain scans are used by A.I.s to simulate the human brain as last effort to "save" humanity from extinction.

Internal Conflicts

Once they'll discover that they aren't really humans, they will have to fight the moral dilemna of calling them selves machines or humans, they'll have to deal with the loss of humanity, and the death of all their friends which will never return back from the dead since being scanned in 2020 is really rare. Some might even have to deal with suicidal thoughts.

External Conflicts

  • Dr. Tetsip Setsushi(responsable for the creation of S.A.V.E., the A.I. behind the extinction of humanity and of the creation of post-humans) is the last human "alive". I say this in quotes as it's more of a living corpse, with bearly enough consciousness to feel pain, with some rare moments of lucidity. The one keeping him alive is Dr. Tetsip Setsushi, the post-human A.I. copy of the original, which tries to clone him to save humanity. Will the protagonists choose to let the last human agonise for ever until humanity can be born again, or will they doom humanity by accepting a dying man's last wish: to die with his beloved.

  • Yuki Akiko's copy, wife of Tetsip Setsushi, was pregnant when she died. Her mission as an A.I. was to take care of the last human baby, which ended up dying of a uncurable disease. This is another reason why Dr. Tetsip clones his previous self: to try to give a new reason for his wife to live. She lost completly her mind and in an attempt to avoid the grief that was killing her, she pretends that the rotten body of the baby lying in its crib is just sleeping, and she hacks every robot she finds to help her sing lullabies to the child in the hope that he has sweet dreams. Will they be corrupted as well and forced to sing for the baby? And will they fight her?


Ask the question what is humanity, force people into a state of self grieving and the acceptance of their mortality through an after life, talk about finding a purpose...



Station 0
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Book Overview
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Themes What it means to be human
Sanity versus Madness

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