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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Outline a brief plot of a story that could take place in your world.
A total of 125 entries

Short story: The dragon in the lake

RPG Campaign Plot: Search for Powder

Chapter summary - The Battle of Pahilōdēśa Bay

Campaign arc: Power struggle in the Duchy of Roria

The Writ of Nimean Integration

The Hidden Lord of Shadow Town

Book Overview: S.A.V.E. Station 0

The forgotten tale of Marigold Iron

One Shot: Sabes-Kimming in Danger

Chapter 1: Trial and Error

Journey to the Gilded Mountains and Eeavarin's Forge

Archaeological Investigations of the Oasis Fortress

Oneshot : La Chute de Sharân

The attack on the Castle of Lions

Short Story - Whispers of Dissent, Part 1

The Tale of the Bootless Metalmen Plus One

The Last Night at Brackenfels Keep

Chapter: Ganon goes to therapy

Naissance du campement de l'Est

Chapter 1: The revelation of Eylya Haku

Story: Race Towards Madness

The Rise of the Gilded Stars

Something that could happen.

Adventure: Under the Halls of Winter

Short Story- Oath of Blood and Iron

Jahren: The Calling of the Champions

The Foiling of a Haimarchy Plot Against Digger

The biggest problem that could happen

Private Session (Reign): Fairylights

Intro: Light of the Maiden Voyage

The Articles of the Tuatha deDannan

Adventures in Ivendarea: The Royal Academy Heist

The Party's First Encounter with Asgan

Series: Diamond Divea and the Thirty-Nine Wolves

The Latter Story of the Unbreakables (So Far)

The Wavecrest and the Songkeeper

The Tale of Two Brothers

The Search for Lačnir's Eye

Challenges in a Werewolf's Daily Life 1: The Train

Heaven's Lover: Fortify The Land