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Short story: The dragon in the lake



The lake and surrounding villages are explained, as well as the local guards and their duties.


The dragon appears and settles down in the lake, posing a threat to the surrounding area. The protagonist is tasked with finding a way to make it gone.

Rising Action

The protagonist tries several ideas to make the dragon to leave, seemingly annoying the dragon, but neither successfully moving it nor getting an aggressive response from it. Just as the protagonist starts questioning the dragons intentions he gets news that the castle will supply him with war machines to take it down.


The dragon is revealed to be hurt, landing in the lake to rest. With the war machines just around the corner, the protagonist has to convince them the dragon isn't a threat and that they should help it.

Falling Action

The protagonist manages to convince the soldiers to help the dragon. They get the castles healers there instead, and soon the dragon is able to fly away from the lake again. The dragon seemed grateful as it flew away, making sure not to destroy anything.


As everyone looks at the dragon when it flies away, it makes a roar. From the mountains a much bigger roar is heard and what is later assumed to be the dragons mother appears. When the dragon reaches her she looks at the castle, lake and surrounding villages before going back into the mountains with her young.



Removing the dragon from the lake before it hurt something or someone. No matter the means.



The local guard tasked with finding a way to remove the dragon from the lake.


A big dragon who've decided to make the lake it's home.



A small lake in the forest surrounded on its north side by small cliffs and trees on the south bank. A stream finds its way through cracks in the cliffs and makes a small waterfall into the lake. On the east side, the stream continues its way towards the sea.
Plot type
Short story

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Author's Notes

Hello! And thank you for reading my article!
This was made during the Summer Camp 2018 challenge. I won't be editing any of these to keep them for looking back on. That being said some I'm really not happy with, so I'll most likely put up an edited version at some point. If I do you will be able to find the link on the top of the page

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