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A Sand Divided

Welcome to the swirling sands and blazing heat of the Karipeale Desert! You have joined the ranks of adventurous treasure hunters and ambitious merchants hoping to carve their names into monuments commemorating their achievements. The allure of treasure doesn't come without a price; if the scorching sun doesn't get you, then the wide range of ferocious monsters certainly might. Countless creatures have adapted to the unforgiving environment. They patiently wait underneath the golden sands, hoping to catch weary travellers unawares. It would be wise for explorers to be cautious and vigilant lest they become a scrumptious meal for a draconic Mantidrake or succumb to the deadly toxins of a barbed Sand Kraken. Be vigilant and don't become another grain of sand in this ocean of dust.   This module will lead an eager band rosy-faced adventurers into the heart of the desert to investigate the sudden absence of the region's most valuable raw material - water. Without the life-giving hydration of the Mihlaj Oasis, it is only a matter of time before chaos reaps the seeds of its namesake and the region descends into widespread collapse. Due to the harsh environment, Mihlaj is already struggling to maintain a semblance of order. Time waits for no one, and neither will the culprits behind the theft.   Geopolitical intrigue, environmental hazards, harrowing combats...expect to find all of these in abundance, along with some other unexpected goodies. Running the module for a group at a lower level? You'll find suggestions for adjusting encounters and DCs so that everyone can enjoy the adventure without immediately getting beaten to a pulp. In a similar vein, there are also recommendations for increasing the difficulty for more powerful parties, or in the case where you really just need to knock them down a few pegs (i.e. every party ever, right?). Feel free to include the things that interest you and your group, and scrap whatever doesn't float your boat. It's your game after all!
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