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Source Run

A group of mercenaries come to the call of the infamous crime organization, the Family, to steal a bronze globe from a wealthy artist in the heart of the Imperial city of Simmsmout.

Plot points/Scenes

After receiving the job, the three mercenaries made their way to the station nearest to the artists's manor. After some discussion they decided to attempt to infiltrate the manor through the infrastructural passages beneath the streets of the city.   After waiting for several guards to pass them by, the mercenaries entered the tunnels beneath the streets via a maintenance hatch. They were quickly attacked by a hoard of wild skeevers but were able to frighten them off before being attacked by a mysterious tentacle that burst up from the toxic waste water that flowed through the passage.   After they were able to escape the wrath of the tentacle, the party realized that by leaving the maintenance hatch open, they had attracted the attention of a Clockwork guard. Just as this guard attacked, the attacks from the tentacle monster resumed in force. Thankfully the party was able to knock the guard into the waste water which eliminated both threats at once due to the powerful electrical discharge the guard gave off upon contact with water.   Then the party climbed up a ladder and found themselves in the work closet of the manor they were robbing. They changed into workers uniforms they found in the work closet before casing the building. After a close run in with building security, the party was able to locate a secret room where the bronze globe was located.   When they picked up the globe, an alarm went off and the clockwork art pieces came to life and began to chase the party who escaped out the second story window and fled into the subway tunnels.   Eventually they came back to the warehouse and were paid for their efforts after their employer confirmed the globe was housing a vial of source magic that could be sold for great profits.
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