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Corvinian Plots

They began a war without warning and retreated just as unexpectedly after heavy civilian losses on both sides. What do the Corvinians want and what more are they willing to sacrifice to attain it?

Plot points/Scenes

  1. Confrontation with the Corvinian Emperor


Stars mark both the beginning and end of the invasion.



Superstition vs. Civilization
The Falondan-Corvinian War began highly unexpectedly for the people of Falondis . Corvinian armies decimated the border between the two countries, even destroying native Corvinian tribes as collateral damage before the true conflict even began. Around the time of a meteor shower (31 Glowing Moon, 807 C.E.), the Corvinian army invaded. All Falondan diplomats sent to negotiate were never heard from again. The end of the war was marked by another celestial event, as the Corvinian army abandoned their forward camp on 7 Fading Moon, 809, the night of the appearance of a comet, followed by a solar eclipse.
What messages are the Corvinians reading in the stars that the rest of the world cannot, or will not, see? Is this about politics or something more occult?



The mainland of Corvinia is even more prosperous and beautiful than Falondis. Farmland is plentiful and multiple lakes dot the countryside. From the outside, there is no apparent lack of trade goods or produce for the people. Upon entering the country, it is unclear why an invasion was ever mounted against the equally peaceful Falondis.
The capital of Sironde is bustling, but with a strange atmosphere of imposed quiet. Something is going on in this city, and our adventurer's would do well to discover the source, before it is too late.
Plot type
Political Maneuvering - Corvinia


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