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The Search for Lačnir's Eye



With an ailing mother on her deathbed, the hope that the Eye of Lačnir might be able to save her is instilled in young Adelais by his father. The artifact said to be the ultimate form of protection and a ward against evil was his only hope to cure the illness that even the best doctors could not cure.


In the evergreen mountains on the point at which the tears of Kjrlanna and Bodhari join in sorrow, lies the tomb of Lačnir. Within it, guarded by the seven saints of the Roudhult family there rests the Emperor's last defense, the Eye that sees all evil and puts to rest all troubles.
  Before setting out, Adelais decided to make a stop at Fairbreeze Market. There, he met a group of cloaked merchants who gave him a hint that put all the pieces together.


If he were to be unable to find the artifact, he would lose his dearest mother.

Moral Quandaries

After obtaining the artifact, he meets again with the hooded merchants, but this time they reveal themselves to be ██████████ and as he soon finds out, his ██████████ is one of them. He is faced with the choice of killing her or handing the artifact over at the risk of his mother's death

Cruel Tricks

On his return, Adelais finds out that his mother ██████████ and his father reveals that ██████████. With a heart full of rage, anguish, and betrayal, the boy ██████████.



Adelais and Malei

Adelais Večtinik, the son of the Duke of Prvadid set off in search of the Eye of Lačnir in hopes that it would help save his dying mother. Unfortunately, he had no idea of the King's game and that he would be entangled in a fight for the throne.   During his jouney, the egg that he received from his friend Amarise hatches. This beast, which he names Malei, becomes his companion and grows over the duration of their travels, protecting him from harm.


King Zabljede, on his deathbed decided to play a little game and let his duchies compete for the throne by searching for a lost artifact. Whether or not he knew if it existed or where it was, he certainly had his fun as he listened to the reports on the events.


Five of the Kingdom of Tičandza's seven duchies vied for the throne and sought the Eye of Lačnir: the duchies of Dobrasla, Risvud, Prvadid, Višmena, and Prostelji. The other two were preoccupied with other matters and though they sent a few parties out in search, they did not put their full effort into it.   Other unaffiliated parties who had learned of the treasure and the throne that came with it also took off in search of it but their resources and manpower were far less than what the duchies could come up with.


Duke Večtinik and Amarise Višmena were both close to Adelais yet turned their backs on him in greed.



Fairbreeze Market

A bustling merchant with rows of tents and stands where merchants sell their goods and abilities. People of every kind can be found in the market hailing from all over the world. Each step in the market brings a new scent or color as you wander through it.  

The Tomb of Lačnir

Nesteled in the side of a mountain range, an unassuming cave serves as the entrance to the supposed tomb. Inside, the walls become smooth, with simple engravings leading to a single, round chamber. Along the walls of the chamber are six marble statues in the form of coiled snakes. In the center of the room is a moderately ornate chest within which lies the fabled Eye of Lačnir.


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