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Benti-Zai: Part 1

"You can't kill my mother!"  
--Taisa, after making the boratsi run in chapter 11.

Plot points/Scenes

Chapter 1: brief exposition and race start; Chapter 2: race continues and Taisa and Gawa win; Chapter 3: although winning, Taisa is rejected by the benti; Chapter 4: Taisa and Gawa fight and go in separate ways. Gawa argues with another benti about Taisa being good enough for them; Chapter 5: coming home, Taisa talks to her mother, who tries to make her feel better; Chapter 6: Taisa apologizes to Gawa and they begin a new training; Chapter 7: a new race begins, this time with more experient opponents; Chapter 8: Gawa falls and gets hurt. Taisa doesn't let her continue racing; Chapter 9: Taisa and Toimi go to the market, and the situation gets bad: the Flower-of-Eyes won't be available as it had used to be; Chapter 10: Gawa and Andara, Taisa's mother, talk about Taisa. At the end of the chapter, a boratsi menaces their lives; Chapter 11: Taisa hits the boratsi in the eye and it flees away. That makes her more confident; Chapter 12: Taisa and Gawa infiltrate in the race for older competitors; Chapter 13: They face many perils on the way, and end loosing. However, they are in. Epilogue: Taisa and Gawa go away.


The fight between a human nature and a benti nature; hard decisions in general and determimation.



*Taisa, a zivar girl; *Gawa, a gasami benti.


*Andara,Taisa's mother.


*Vanara, a girl from Taisa's village, and her benti partner; *Katu, benti leader.


*Many boys and girls of the zivar people.



Engoru Savanna: several places, including Taisa's village, the market, two other villages and their surroudings, the Mit'Wazi banks and the Big Rock.


Boratsis, that live around in the Savanna and are natural predators; Other competitors, in a certain way.
Plot type
Act 1 of a book

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