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Dark Clones

This is the story of how the Sora family dealt with the grief of losing a baby and unleashed something potentially dangerous into the world.

Plot points/Scenes

Yamato and Sora Sora (Sora took her husband's surname when she married because she was amused by the idea of having the same name and surname) have twins named Hiroaki and Seto. However, Seto has complications while still in the maternity ward and died a few days later.   Overcome with grief, the parents looked for some way to revive their child. They found a priest of a minor sector of a religion who claimed to be able to raise the dead. Yamato and Sora agreed to pay the price for the ritual, but what they didn’t know was that it wasn’t actually a ritual to revive the dead. Instead, the surviving baby was cloned using dark magic, generating a baby who appeared identical to his twin, but who harboured strong dark magic inside him. The magic would remain dormant until called upon by those who made the ritual, at which point it would overwrite the conscience and memories of the clone-human and serve its creator. The plan was to wait until the clone turned into a strong adult, however some unforeseen circumstances forced the clone’s identity to be revealed much sooner…   Seto was renamed Seth, referencing his “special” status. Seth was never told of his true origins, as the family hid the whole “resurrection” business from everybody else. They did not know about Seth's dark magic, and would only find out when they boy unexpectedly awoke such powers at the age of 13, much earlier than anybody expected.   The unexpected awaken of his powers meant that the people who created Seth were forced to act much sooner than they expected. They had to take control of Seth before he could learn to properly control his abilities (because once he did so it would be harder to break his free will). Unfortunately for them, no religious authority can bend the will of a stubborn teenage boy, evil clone or not.
Plot type
Short story

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