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Ruby vs Cobalt

The balance of a war can be tipped in favor of chaos as a mercenary merchant plans to sell armor that can turn any one into a fierce fighter. But as the true nature of the armor is soon revealed the question becomes is the materials worth the risk?

Plot points/Scenes

  • The landing in the Bay of Wrecks
  • A bloody fight in the Bay
  • Onward to Cobalt
  • Meeting the natives
  • The free city of Cobalt
  • Return to the Bay
  • The colony of Ruby
  • Theft and danger
  • The true nature of a sale
  • A race against time and space
  • The true master



The two nations of Scarlet and Azure have been fighting over the Island nation of Forbuho for well over a hundred years. Were it not for the return of the Drow to serve as a spoiler or the Bay of Wrecks playing the nation off each other the war might have eventually had a victor. But with the sheer wealth of the Island funding mercenaries and adventurers there seems to be no end in sight, till an enterprising dwarf Lord Benelux Churchill lands on the Island with enchanted armor that can make even the meekest farmer into a cold blooded killer.


Lord Churchill's armor can tip the balance of the war in whatever direction he chooses to sell, he has only thirteen pieces to begin with but whomever he sells to could gain enough of an advantage to finally tip the scales in this decades long conflict. What few people know is that the armor itself is made by binding a demon and splitting their being into thirteen parts, the demon is bound to this world but cannot affect.

Rising Action

Churchhill returns to sell the remaining armor only to find the armor stolen by a band of greedy mercenaries. What they do not know is that without the proper tools the armor's source of power is likely to influence and eventually corrupt their minds. Soon it becomes obvious that the worst has happened and a part of the demon has been awakened. Now it combs through the island for each other victim who bares a portion of the demons power. The demon beings to reclaim the parts of itself that were bound in the armor to free itself.


The Demon regains enough power to reform it's body and manifests itself in the world once again. Now it faces off against the foes who have been hunting it and the demonic armor.

Falling Action

With the demon banished the island is restored to relative normalcy. But the damage has been done as the armies gather again to strike at their respective opponents. The Drow continue to claim their brithright to the island while Ruby searches for the relic foretold to have the power to topple the Crimson Empire. Cobalt continues to funnel the resources of the island to keep the Azure Republic free but the small city-state itself has ideas of independence.


The island of Forbuho has returned to it's old ways but the scars are still fresh. Enterprising heroes could influence this war and make a name for themselves. Perhaps even find a way to turn the tides of the war in favor of one side finally winning. But that is another story for another time.



A company of adventurers are hired by the Bluewheel Merchant company, led by Lord Churchill, to add extra muscle for the escort. The job pays well and once it is done you will be right in the middle of a war, the perfect place to make your fame and fortune.
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