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The Beast of Bolunburg

An adventuring party is hired to investigate a strange spate of disappearances that is taking place in the Barony of Bolunburg, located in the foothills of the Felsspitze Mountains. What they discover is a community that is on edge, with Bolunburg's inhabitants pointing the finger of blame at everything and everyone. All the while, the Beast of Bolunburg continues to take men, women and children from the streets and tear them limb from limb.



The goal of the party is to find out what the Beast of Bolunburg is, who is controlling it, if anyone, and why it has decided to come to this isolated little Barony to wreak havoc. The party have been offered a substantial reward for the killing of the beast, so they must also ensure that their patron in the town stays alive for long enough to pay them.


As more and more of the citizens of Bolunburg are taken by the Beast, the people of the Barony begin to panic, and with that, law and order begins to break down, and the party find themselves increasingly at the centre of the accusations, primarily because they are outsiders to the community.



The primary threat is the Beast of Bolunburg itself, which no one has actually been able to identify, given that everyone who has come into contact with it has not been able to survive the ordeal.   The more panicked the inhabitants of Bolunburg get, the more they become a threat to themselves and anything else in the area, as they become increasing desperate to rid their community of the Beast.   The location of Bolunburg itself, which is currently shrouded in a thick, almost impenetrable mist is also a threat in itself, as the strange weather conditions give the Beast of Bolunburg ample cover even in the open, and obscure environmental hazards in the mountainous surroundings of Bolunburg.
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RPG One-Shot
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