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First Arrival

Chris collapses, Vin has to find a healer, as Nathan is refusing his calls, the Judge arrives with a problem but also a possible solution. Vin, Ezra and Buck head for Fortitude City, to collect large orders that had been blocked or refused by the Governors laws/rules. Vin goes in and finds the group and possible healer.

Plot points/Scenes

Early Morning

Vin is working on Peso when Chris comes in leading a mule that has boxes/packs, Chris is running a fever. Vin gets Tiny to help him get him up to Nathan's Clinic. He finds only a faulty Medical Scanner, which he refuses to us.

The rest of the seven but for Nathan come to the clinic and JD who is out on early morning patrol around the nearest farms and properties to check on their situation and gather any news they had.

Buck tells that he knows how to treat the fever but not cure the cause of it, that it was something that supposedly didn't have a cure. He also tells that the Med-Scanner is one that hurts both him and Chris. They make plans, they were going to head in to Fortitude City, but with Chris and Vin.

Ezra agrees to go, as he wants to find out if there are any old unsent orders for the Saloon, as he found the records showing that something were ordered but never arrived. It was paid for and shipped but never reached Four Corners. He would check the rest of the town, allowing Buck to remain with Chris, and Josiah assisting to get him comfortable.

Sherriff's Office

Vin is looking over the notes and reports that they had started to gather on the area, as Chris wanted to have some warning on troubles but also get them working in more proactive way, but also dealing with the crimes in the outer lying area. He has been trying to reach Nathan but none of the calls were allowed to connect or were refused.

Judge Travis arrives with news that he is being stationed in Four Corners, on orders from Governor Hopewell, and news that the there was a LEO group being sent to Four Corners that was to be picked up that day. He only had a few names of who was in the party but few other details.

JD arrives back from Patrol with the report that a Space-Wagon Train is heading towards Four Corners, only for him to fall into Seer's Trance and foretell the coming of trouble before collapsing.


They discuss their next move, all agree that the trip to Fortitude City, was too important, they had to get a Healer, Judge Travis would continue to try to get Nathan.




man vs society




Vin, his position in the group, the relationship between him and the others, Ezra and Buck.

Vin's own relationship with Judge Travis, the slight mistrust due to his age, but also that he is wanted.

Hopewell relationship with the town, why he would order Judge Travis there, and the LEO group, as it known that he hates the town, as they thwarted his attempt to remain Governor

The manner in which the Four Corners and the situation with Hopewell, why it is so troublesome


Nathan's refusal to take the calls, the fact that Chris is seriously ill and he's not responding

The Judge's arrival, there is little enough for him do, but Hopewell order is to be obeyed, and none are sure as to why or what he has plans for them.

Rising Action

The finding of a Healer is vital to save Chris, but it is also fact that Judge Travis has arrived to remain when they are barely a town.


JD returns, but has a psychic break - shows himself to be a Seer who had been silenced. he trys to report that a Wagon Train is heading towards the town, and that trouble is coming.

Falling Action

Vin and the others still decide to head to Fortitude City to pick cargo, as much as they could and to pick up the LEO group.


Josiah remains behind to care for both JD who is unconscious and Chris who's fever is not getting worse yet, the treatment is helping.



To find a healer for Chris.

Judge Travis needs to find a house/home for himself and his wife, but also set up a office, he did not want to use the Sherriff's office.


The news that Hopewell has plans but they know nothing.


If they don't find a healer Chris could die due to the fever.

Moral Quandaries

Nathan's refusal to take calls, and what exactly is his position, is he doing it by choice or is there something else behind his reason for refusal, was it his place to say or even mention to the Judge.



Vin Tanner

Buck Wilmington

Ezra Standish

Josiah Sanchez


Judge Orin Travis




Governor Hopewell




These are wooden built stables, that are run by two brother Tiny and Yosemite who also are the town's blacksmiths. The stables hold the seven horses, and few more in the fence padock to the back of the barn. It is at the North end of street, which is the main street and only one in the town.

Sheriff's Office

This is a office that is built at the end of a board walk, and alley way between it and the next building. It has cells at the back of the building, and a door out to a fenced paddock that is suppose to be used for any horses prisoners have or taken. In side there is a large desk, that has an inbuilt


Chris collapse they can't do more than treat the symptoms, that is a high fever, which could kill him.

Governor Hopewell suddenly send Travis to the town, when the town is little more than a street.


Struck down with malady





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Episode 1: First Arrival of LEO's Part 1
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