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The biggest problem that could happen

Most people think the most likely problem is there is the cult of Nadia come back it is a cult that is trying to revive Nadia from her seal. There base is under ground underneath the village that Nadia attacked. There is very little known about the cult and only several spies dare to go and get information. The cult is mostly mind flares and some human followers. There is a prophecy that a hero will rise and destroy Nadia and get the power of the person that sealed Nadia. Dragons are even feared of the problem that could happen. There is a lot of people that wish when they grow up to become a spy to help the world. The only spies that have gone in there to get information is Dorian and ferry light. The cults base is a main chamber and eight tunnels going out. One tunnel goes to a group of sleeping areas and another goes to a laboratory. One is a in and out tunnel there is also a communication room that one of the tunnels leads to. Another tunnel goes to a kitchen and pantry. There are some other private tunnels that the spies couldn't go into. All of the tunnels were really smooth and seemed to smooth to be reall the spies have told the people. Nadia is a really strong being because she isn't even dead and killed one of the most popular strongest person people believe that it is impossible to kill her. The mind flares easily accepted themselves to be part of the cult because they didn't have anything better to do so it was easy for Nadia to get a cult. They showed up on the attack of the statue of roga.



A group of bravery heros to stop the cult and destroy Nadia if she returns.



To free Nadia and do anything to do it. And destroy the world.
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