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The legend

The best master Roga Sona Ochi (a.k.a. Fierce Tiger)

The legend is roga destroying the evil powerful shapeshifter Nadia sealing her to a place no one knows sacrificeing her self (roga).one day a village was doing there normal Tuesday at lunch then at 12:30 Nadia came from the shadows destroying everything in her path until she met eye to eye with roga. Roga fought Nadia with every ounce of strength. After every strike they got weaker and weaker.intil three hours later Roga used the secret spell that sealed Nadia away to a place that no one knows but killed her self.

Divine Domains

Justic, freedom, and peace

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To protect the evil from the world even if it cost him his life.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Athletic,strong,fast, stealthy, hops, speed, and agility

Body Features

Tan skin with long bright blond hair.

Identifying Characteristics

The flaming sword she carry around every where she goes

Physical quirks

Her domanet hand is her right

Special abilities

Magic ,transforming, summoning , and sword fighting

Apparel & Accessories

Light vidrant clothes,emerald earrings.

Specialized Equipment

She specializes in long sowrds half plate and a light shield.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity



Master sowrd fighting, master magic, transforming magic, and school.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Master magic school, sowrd fighting school, and school.

Failures & Embarrassments

Talking to a lot of people at a concert .

Mental Trauma

Needles and combs.

Intellectual Characteristics

Math, music, performance, acroditics, art, and fire works

Personality Characteristics


To keep peace in the world

Likes & Dislikes

Dislikes broccoli,orange chicken and art.likes animals ,dragons, history and weather

Vices & Personality flaws

Bad at cooking and flying

Personality Quirks

Sneezes when she laughs and.


Hobbies & Pets

A tiny bird, knitting and smithing

Wealth & Financial state

She spent most of her wealth on vital human needs
Divine Classification
1489 1521
The land of beasts in foxila
Bright vidrant neon green
Bright Redish blond
6 feet and 4 inches and two thirds of an inch
150 pounds and ten ounces
Known Languages
Common, infernal dracronic,aqua
Character Prototype
No one the abilitys of the ochi family any more.

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