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The Foiling of a Haimarchy Plot Against Digger

Written by Barron

Act 1

  • The party begins in a bar on Digger's Rock
  • The party encounters a shifty Faeo fidgeting with a crystal.
  • The Faeo leaves, an incident draws the party outside.
  • The ground upheaves in a massive explosion, the party is barely saved as the hotel collapses behind them
  • Artosen Khandea II (Digger) arrives on the scene, looking none too please. He speaks to the players about what happened
  • Digger takes the party to his house, telling them of the situation and how he believes that The Verin Haimarchy is planning on trying to destroy Digger's Rock again
  • Digger suggests to gain favor amongst the Digger Co. Union Chairs and Perduro Miners, he will call his friends to assist

Act 2

  • The players attempt to approach their first union chair, he refuses to speak to the party finding them not worth his time as he is focused on his current Asteroid Drag race. Digger suggests over the radio that they should enter the race themselves, as his love for the sport is greater than his ability to hold secrets.
  • The party join the Asteroid Drag, spending a week in space creating and racing a Meteor Racer. Whether they win or lose, they will get to talk to the union chair. They learn that he has been ignoring his constituents in the mines, and things the miners blew up their mineshaft in anger.
  • Digger suggests that the Haimarchy used the Union Chair's laziness to infiltrate into the ranks of the Perdurian Miners

Act 3

  • Digger sends the party into the mines as undercover miners.
  • The party works undercover in the mines, encountering several friendly miners
  • During their second day, a cave in occurs on their mineshaft exposing a broken spellbomb as the cause and a hidden section of tunnels that sleeper cells have been using to spread bombs throughout the mines of Mount Dau-Sajhrashi.
  • The Party enters the mines, given a new weapon by one of the miners, a Digger's Shovel.
  • A battle occurs underneath the mines, several dozen verin magicians push the party back
  • Digger having felt the commotion through Digger's Shovel sends Sarko's Party Pals into the mines to assist. The added numbers allows the party to turn the tides

Act 4

  • With the underground threat defeated, the party hears news of a primary offensive force from The Verin Haimarchy approaching the planet.
  • The Force is small enough to be dealt with, expecting their sabotague to be successful, the Haimarchy moves in to assault Perduro
  • The Party and Sarko's gang move to the surface, where they are offered Diggers Meteor Racer or if they players won, their own.
  • A fight continues in space, with the Haimarchy capital ship serving as the boss bottle of the play
  • The party is successful and celebrates by gaining a large sum of wealth and a personal party held by Digger and Sarko's Party Pals



The Party has to Goal to save the planet of Perduro from a planet-wide threat.


Witnessing the genocide of an entire section of miners and a collapse of a hotel.   Competing in the Annual Asteroid Drags!



A party of four people is required for this campaign.


The Verin Haimarchy and their Sleeper Cells.


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