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Bloodhunt in Ahm


'As the sun slowly starts to set pn the area around Ahm, you feel a deep unease rolling over you, (for many of you) this is the first time you've been this deep in the Blacklands, and the tales of dangers you've heard, as well as what you've already seen, sets your nerves on edge.'



'As you make your way down the crater towards the ruins of the city of Ahm, you feel a moment of smallness and you realise the sheer power that was brought to bear to create this destruction: An entire city wiped out in one single blow, strong enough to cause an impact crater in the earth, yet still keeping the city in relative shape enough to be seen for what it was.'


The PC's must choose how to get into the heart of the city, this can be done by either:
  • Killing the Eater of Dust company that stalks the outer layers of the city and providing proof to the Chronomance.
  • Killing their way through the Chronomance guarding the inner city to the pool of purified Gods Blood left within.



The PCs


Who ever they choose to hire from the Amoth Explorers Guild, if they choose to do so.   The Ebon Blade.   The Chronomance of Ahm if the PCs prove themselves to be helpful.



The ruined city of Ahm sits in the middle of a crater, caused during the Planar War during a fight between the Gods Bane, Mystra, and the Archomentals Imix and Ogrémoch.


Many lesser devils and demons can be found in areas of the Blacklands, but a company of Eaters of Dust can be found around and within the ruins of the city itself.   There is also the chance of angering the Chronomance that dwell within the city.
Plot type
Chapter of the 'Hunt For the Ebon Blade' storyline
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