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The Writ of Nimean Integration

Fellow Citizens, I know none of us need reminding of the horrors of the past. The selfish pride and fury of that most foul of Summerlord drove him to unmake our homeland—and indeed, he is most foul, for while it took five of his successors to destroy the Nimean Valley, he turned Ngavar to ash alone. But think, now. It is well known to us that this was the work of a monarch. And it is well known to us that monarchy breeds disaster for all who are not the monarch. But should we now blame these people for the crimes of a monarch? Their own rulers destroyed their home, almost a century ago, and almost a century after they destroyed ours. The petty kings and merchant princes that rose up when Nimea fell have stripped them of their culture, more completely than even that most foul of monarchs managed to to do us. Shall it be our rejoinder to do the same? Shall we oppress them with glee, as once we were oppressed? Shall we make monarchs of ourselves? The Nimea of old was a blight upon the land, but these are our brothers and sisters, unmade by injustice, just as we were. I cannot stand idly by as we build upon injustice with injustice, and I pray that you will not either.
— a speech given by Logha Ngoravangaar, Citizen of the Dominion of Ngavar



Nearly a century after the fall of the Summerland Empire of Nimea, the Citizens Assembly of the Dominion of Ngavar has called for a debate between all citizens about the legal status of the Nimean people. The old Ngavari homeland was reduced to ash by a petulant and wrathful monarch, and the surviving Ashfolk have historically borne the Nimeans a great deal of ill will, and subjected them to societal oppression and marginalization.   The matters to be decided are the capacity of Nimean persons to be citizens, the citizenship status of those Nimeans born in the city before the debate, the rights of non-citizen Nimean immigrants, and the legality of the Myul Vorun—a mystical tradition which is central to the vast majority of Nimean rites and cultural practices, but which is what the Summerlord Malor Lavanaar III used to destroy Ngavar.
Plot type
Public Debate

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