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Chapter 1: Arrival



Plot points/Scenes

  • Leaving to Fort Edgemourn

  • The story starts with Zeke Lionhart packing his stuff and leaving home to start his adventure. He is headed to Fort Edgemourn, once the headquarters of the Steel Wardens, to find a lead to where his missing hero has gone.

  • Alex, the wandering Druid

  • Arriving at Edgemourn, Zeke approaches the Fort, and hears a man arguing with what sounds like a kid, he cannot help but take a peek. He learns the kid is comming from outside the Kingdom and the guard just won't let them in. Zeke intervenes and claims that they are a visitor he's been waiting, showing his Lionhart emblem to exert authority over the man, who then lets the small one inside.
    The kid thanks Zeke and introduces themself as Alex, a wandering Druid with a mission to fulfill in Archana. Zeke thinks that a kid one still couldn't even tell if it was a girl or a boy, wearing rags and all by themself had certainly been abandoned to their fate, so he then offers to help Alex further, fearing for their sake, but first he wanted to take a look inside the Fort.

  • Clues to my uncle
  • Can't go back home
  • Welcome to Blackbourne
  • Street Fox: Legendary thief?
Plot type

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