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Wandering casters that strive to reach Balance and protect nature


"I have... one last request, my child. The kingdom known as 'Archana' is in grave danger. The Blight is growing... it is your duty now to stop it! I entrust my quest to you... you are now ready."
— Ailill, the Druid

Wandering and living among the woods, Druids are sages who meditate on nature, contemplating life and its nuances, trying to follow the path of Balance. They are a rare bunch, and most of the few people who have ever heard about one, have heard from rumors and myths.



A druid's role is, first and foremost, to themselves. They aim towards self-growth and enlightenment in order to find the fabled path of Balance. For that, most druids often strive to eliminate threats to this balance around the world, such as magical and supernatural anomalies. A couple of such are the spread of the Blightwoods in Archana, and the destruction of the environment's aether in Welfenbach.

Social Status

There are no social implications by being a druid, as there is barely anyone who knows what a druid is. Most cultures treat them as being crazy hoboes who would rather sleep on dirt over a bed, or maybe a common person at best, but there are a few cultures that know and respect druids, such as some communities of Wood Elves.


Druids are a rare bunch, and only a few lucky ones are able to become one of them. There are no statistics on them since they are barely known and live in seclusion, but it isn't expected that there are more than about 10 or so per continent out there.


It is uncertain how druids have come to be. Their knowledge of the Whole has been passed down from master to pupil for centuries, but their history was lost, as it doesn't matter to the overall teachings that they pass on. Still, it is safe to assume that the druid culture began as far as the aftermath of the Calamity, by a survivor that wanted to keep their knowledge alive.

Since then, druids have been taking single apprentices to pass down their teachings, and in time they were able to come closer and closer to Balance. But since they live apart from each other, it is really hard to trace any common history between them.



Due to their culture and insights, druids can make use of magic, and the most experienced ones can even tap into the Aura element.

Famous in the Field

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