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Once home of the great Steel Wardens, now a shadow of its former self


"Even though I was born in Nouvemond, it was Edgemourn my true home, and the Wardens my family. Those were good days when the town and the order were on the peak of their glory."
— Ser Achard Lionhart, the Adamantine Lion

The Fort Edgemourn was built to protect the Kingdom of Archana of invaders coming from the east. While it failed to fulfill its objective once, it has never again met the same destiny. In due time a town grew behind the walls of Edgemourn to provide a better living for those in the watch, but after so many battles and destruction, the town is now nothing but a shadow of its former self.


Of the people who are left in Edgemourn, all of them are Humans. Most of them are older folk who don't want to leave their hometown, and their sons and daughters who tend to them. Most children leave the village when they grow old enough to be independent.


Edgemourn was once run by the head of the Steel Wardens, who would be more of a mayor than a commander in times of peace. But with the disbandment of the Wardens, now the rule of the village has fallen into the hands of the Countess of Vilennor.

Despite the new strict ruler, Edgemourn has been mostly left to sort its own problems by itself, as the population number has been dwindling by the year and no real serious matter has happened since the day of this change.


The Diamond Walls are the best line of defense the kingdom has to offer. Despite that, it has been abandoned for a decade, with only the occasional lone guard setting up the watch. But the walls themselves are still in a good shape, with 4 layers of defense and moats between them, and all of them boasting of the best defensive mechanisms Cyrus Dunstan new from his studies.

Industry & Trade

There is no commerce left in Edgemourn - those who tried to stay have found themselves broke due to the lack of customers. Everything they have is either from personal craft and production, local barter or traveling merchants.


The village doesn't have much to offer, even for itself. Some families grow their own crops, but most of what they consume comes from traveling merchants. There is nothing of interesting to see either, as the headquarters of the Steel Warden now lies abandoned, and so does the walls.

Guilds and Factions

The Steel Wardens is undoubtedly the face of Edgemourn. While they weren't there when the place was built, things sure changed for the better once Archana earned its independence and the Wardens were tasked of guarding the border.

But as the good days came thanks to the Wardens, they were also gone with them. In the year 480, the war ended, and in 485 the Steel Wardens were disbanded, bringing down the whole reason for the town to exist. Since then, most of the population left Edgemourn to live in the bigger cities where there was hope for a better future.


When Archana first met an invading military force, even though they could act fast enough to intercept the enemy near the border and win, this victory cost too much. Only 7 of the 200 soldiers survived the battle, and this earned the battlefield the name of Edgemourn.

Soon later, the place was revisited in order to build the Fort Edgemourn, a wall that would help protect the kingdom while ensuring the best safety for the watch. While the walls of Edgemourn did hold the enemy for some time, the day eventually came when the Artalgnian Empire was able to make a successful siege, take the fort and then proceed to conquer the entire kingdom.

After Archana conquered back its independence, that was when Edgemourn made its reputation. The Resistance's Steel Wardens were tasked of protecting the border, and so they made a base at Fort Edgemourn. A small settlement eventually grew around the fort to provide a better living place to the Wardens and their families, and then it was officially recognized as a town, instead of only a military base. While those walls were never breached again, the town earned quite a few scars from the battles, as enemy fire would sometimes go over the walls and hit the houses.

But those days have ended together with the war. A mysterious pact of non-aggression was made with Artalgne, and that rendered the Wardens useless. A few years later they were disbanded and every reason for the people to stay there was gone. In time, the town's population diminished to the point it is but a ruined village. Most of the buildings are abandoned and in shambles, with only a small part of the place still inhabited.


The walls are made of the best stonework the Dwarves of Vilennor have to offer. Thicker and taller than any walls humanity has made before, it shows how much the kingdom depends on its defenses. While the enemies of Archana rarely use magic, Edgemourn was built in a way that even magic users would have some trouble attacking it.

The houses, on the other hand, aren't as well made as the walls. Due to their size, heavy siege machines could still destroy them, even if they were heavily fortified. For this reason, they are made of stone (since wood would be too easy to burn), but with practicality in mind, so any Earth-user could rebuild them after an attack.


Edgemourn has been built on a plain area between two dense forests. The walls have been built in a way to block the plains from side to side, leaving only the forest unprotected - an army couldn't traverse that, anyway. A river goes through the front wall, from which the town had most of its water supply.

Natural Resources

The surrounding forest provides a good amount of hunting game, not to mention wood. Despite that, good soil and the river, there isn't much this land has to offer.

Owning Organization
Related Tradition (Primary)

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