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End of the Steel Wardens



The age of the war heroes had come to an end.

After the war against Artalgne was over, the last 4 surviving members of the Steel Wardens found their occupation to be more idle by every passing day. The then Steel Warden commander and war hero Ser Achard Lionhart left the last siege changed, and spent most of his days drinking. Believing his days were past, Lionhart left 5 years later to never be seen again and soon thereafter King Abraham II dissolved the Wardens, claiming that common soldiers were enough watch the gates of Edgemourn now that the ADP was tasked with the creation of new methods of defending the kingdom.   This also had a side effect on the town of Edgemourn: now that the Wardens were no more, the entire existance of the settlement was losing its meaning. People began to move to other, better cities, leaving Edgemourn to slowly crumble away.

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Ser Lionhart knew of the plot that ended the war, which is what made him conflicted, both for the guilt of being called a hero when it wasn't him who ended the war, and because he knew that what the King did was treason, but he couldn't speak out the truth with no proofs. The disbandment of the Steel Wardens was an attempt to dissuade Lionhart from interfering, who then left to Artalgne in order to find evidences and/or stop them.

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