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Warden Memorial

Monuments is memory of the fallen Wardens in the Battle of the Red Diamond


"So many pillars... What are these?"

"Memorials to the heroes of the last battle that happened here. We won, but nearly all of the Wardens died that week."
— Alex Yaerian and Zeke Lionhart

As the name suggests, the Battle of the Red Diamond left hundreds of thousands casualities, enough to turn the moats of Fort Edgemourn red. In honor to the Steel Wardens who fought and died defending their homeland, the Warden Memorial was built.

Purpose / Function

The Warden Memorial was built as a monument to every Warden that died in the Battle of the Red Diamond and before, and also to those who survived but fought bravely. All the bodies that were recovered were cremated and buried underneath their respective pillars.


The Memorial is a huge set of pillars with the engraved names of all the dead Wardens, spread through the entire city of Edgemourn. They are composed of cylindrical blocks of stone piled on top of each other decorated with the symbol of the Wardens 1.5m from the ground. On the face of the symbol is engraved the name of the Warden buried by the pillar. Each pillar is placed nearest to the house of the respective Warden's family, and in case of a Warden without a family in Edgemourn, it is placed closer to the center of the city.

The memorial was made this way as to mimic the main idea behind the Circle of Heroes, to remind that each of the Wardens was a hero themself. But to save work from sculpting each statue, they were made as pillars.

Memorial / War Memorial
Parent Location
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