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Zeke Lionhart

Luiz Henrique P. de Carvalho | Member Since 26 Nov, 2017
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@ -MajorTom-
Elliot Soleil
1 Feb, 2019 18:42

Thanks for the follow (even though my world isn't even fleshed out yet)! Also, I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts on Avatar:


@ Zeke Lionhart
Luiz Henrique P. de Carvalho
1 Feb, 2019 21:04

Hahahah XD indeed!   Just fair that I return the favor, eh? :3 I wish you good luck in building your world!

@ -MajorTom-
Elliot Soleil
2 Feb, 2019 03:34

Thanks mate! I wish the best for you to!

3 Aug, 2018 15:13

Thanks for the follow! I'm trying to give my followers options on what they want to see next, so if you're interested in partaking in that, here's a link for you! :D Patreon Votes!


Game Design student and passionate Dungeon Master, I've been creating my own stories and characters since I can remember. I began using them as campaign settings ever since I started DMing back in 2010 and now I've been reworking one of them to use it for my future videogames.

Interests & Hobbies

Tabletop RPG (almost exclusively medieval fantasy), Worldbuilding (Aequus, in specific. Not anything random), drawing, philosophizing, eating candies (dunno why I'm not fat xD), and... can "sleeping" enter this list?

Favorite Movies

How to Train your Dragon!   Aaand... I can't think of anything else? :D At least not in the same level games have impacted me. A bunch I like but hadly any I LOVE.

Favorite TV Series

AVATAR FOREVER (both TLA and TLoK).   NONE ELSE IS WORTHY TO STAND BESIDE SUCH HOLINESS.   Though there are quite a few others I like too. The Dragon Prince might just get to the top as well, we'll see. Oh, and I won't even begin to mention animes...

Favorite Books

... Meh. Sorry to disappoint you :/   Though I could say.... Diablo: Storm of Light...? :D

Favorite Games

Best god-like top tier: Soulsborne series;
Most life-changing: Diablo series;
Most impactful experience: Journey;
Most immersive: Dragon Age series;
Daily activity: Heroes of the Storm;
Best thing: Borderlands series (including Tales) ;
Best pastime: Terraria;
Special nostalgia shots: Metal Gear, Samurai Warriors, Final Fantasy XII, DOOM;
Newfound love: Hollow Knight

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