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Archan Heartland

Archana's main territorial region


"Turn around and look at that. Beautiful, isn't she? Archana is my home - I wouldn't dare abandon her in his hands."
— Alwer Deepsea, captain of the Maelstrom

Often mistaken as the whole of the Archan Territory, justifiably, the Archan Heartland has been all of Archana's domain for most of its history, and is, still, the most important region under the kingdom's rule. The Archan Heartland has scars from the Realm Wars more than most lands around, and to their luck, these scars have worked wonders in the Archani's favor.


The Archani Heartland includes everything protected inside the arc formed by the Bashmu Mountain Range, and the Blackbourne Bay. The landscape is marked by the aforementioned mountains, which circle the territory from the west to the south and east, nearly enclosing the entire land where there isn't the sea. The forests are denser near the mountains, getting sparser when moving towards the coast until they disappear, giving place to vivid plains. Near the Head of the Serpent they are especially dense and bushy, which works towards the military defense of that border.

The coast is rocky cliffs through half of its extension, with beaches surrounding the city of Blackbourne, which lends its name to the bay. This and the lands to the east and west of the bay make it so the only way to approach Archana from the sea is heading straight into this city, which also earns the kingdom a few points in defense.

Fauna & Flora

Archana's wildlife is pretty standard to the old world. Small mammals, such as rabbits, polecats, bats and otters, medium-sized such as wild boars and foxes, and larger ones such as deers and bears can be found. Birds are often small and herbivorous, though owls and egrets can be seen, and the regions near the western mountains are famous for housing hawks.

Beeches and oaks are the most common kinds of trees, among birches, pines, willows, and others. Smaller plants and flowers like gorse, heather, broom, and bracken are also common.

Natural Resources

The Bashmu Range has nearly all the wealth Archana needs. While the land isn't particularly fertile and the woods aren't the strongest, The Veins of the mountains are a seemingly limitless source of metals, especially magical ones, like Mithril and Adamantine. With these, Archana has managed to become immensely wealthy very quickly, able to import most of what they can't afford to produce, which is also the reason many have made of this kingdom a target.

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