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The Fall of Nouvemond

Military action


Nouvemond was resisting bravely the new threats, but nothing could prepare them for Artalgne.

While the Nation of Nouvemond did hold its own for a couple of decades, the worse was yet to come. Troops from the neighbor kingdom of Artalgne were seen approaching Edgemourn, immediatly putting everyone on their toes. A coucil was gathered - Nouvemond's military commander, Edgemourn's lead officer, their most trusted subjects and the Prince - in order to discuss their strategy. While the Fort was able to hold their lines for a few hours, they ultimately failed, as they never realised a spy was among them, who leaked all their plans to the enemy. This lead to the death by poison of the Prince, and eventually to the fall the the wall. This did not come cheap to Artalgne, though, as the remaining coucil members still put up a fight, and succeeded at killing the enemy's commanding officer.   Following this defeat, Edgemourn had become an outpost for Artalgne troops, which then took down Vilennor, destroying its bloodline. Blackbourne, as unprepared as it was, could not stand the coming attack and fell as well. Hrastgar resisted bravely, but when Nouvemond was taken, they saw no option but to surrender.   The Nation of Nouvemond, from that point on, was Arcanopia, an Artalgnian colony.

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