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The mining city responsible for Archana's wealth


"Ah, lads... It sure is good to be back here, breathing this air. There's just something about this city that makes me skin tingle. The excitment of discovery, the rewards of a work well done, the synergy of the people. My beloved Vilennor, I missed you."
— Orhan, a retired smith

Nearly hidden under the shadow of the Head of the Serpent, Vilennor is the home of the miners and the smiths. It is where the most of the riches of Archana comes from, extracted from The Veins inside the mountains and processed and crafted into usable tools and equipment by the Craftsmen Guild.


Vilennor is widely known as a city of dwarves, as it is the largest accessible settlement in which city dwarves compose over half of the population. This is due to the local history of working with stone and metal, necessary for the development of the race. The other 40% of the population are humans, as the urbanized environment of Vilennor is far too restrictive for the elves.

Industry & Trade

Vilennor performs a vital role in Archana's market. Nearly all the gold, silver, bashmium, iron, gems, and others, come from this city, are worked into usable materials and sold to the other cities, or taken to Blackbourne to be exported. For that purpose, the entire city is dedicated to this cycle, with almost every citizen working in some way for, or with, the Craftsmen Guild.

Guilds and Factions

The Craftsmen Guild is the face of Vilennor, responsible for most of the activities in the city. Through their long history, they acquired not only the craftsmanship market but also the mining and smithing ones, turning itself into a huge, powerful conglomerate, with its arms spreading all over the Kingdom.


Vilennor received its name in honor of Raymond Vilennor, who lost his life after finding the first entrance to The Veins. He was the leader of an expedition to find resources for the growth of Nouvemond, few years after the Calamity. The groups stumbled upon the tunnels of the Bashmu Mountains, and Raymond bravely defended his peers from the fungus creatures inhabiting the caves, but only to succumb in his way back home. The ores and gems found inside the Veins proved invaluable to Nouvemond, and as a settlement grew around this cave, it was named after its discoverer.

Then, Vilennor grew more and more as time passed, as it was the only and easiest access to the very important resources for the nation. And from this machine, the Guild was born, formalizing most of the production in the city, and leading the Nation of Nouvemond into its golden age.

The quality of life in Vilennor dropped drastically, though, with the coming of the Artalgnian Empire. Under the new ruler, the workers at Vilennor were exploited indiscriminately to provide the Empire with the bashmium The Veins held. This quickly led the city into a state of decadence, as most of the people worked under slave-like conditions.

When the people regained their independence and the Kingdom of Archana was founded, Vilennor slowly regained new life. The city, much like the rest of the Kingdom, was reformed under the new ideals of those who fought for the land, and the old spirit of Vilennor was reborn from its ashes. Since then, the city hasn't changed much, although recently it has been pioneering the implementation of Rune Magic technology in its work environments.


Due to the easy access to stone, that is the main material used for construction in Vilennor. Also, the distinct dwarven style architecture that can be found in Edgemourn and Nouvemond are present in the entirety of this city, adding to the "city of dwarves" aesthetic. The buildings are mostly angular, and they seem as if each one was made from a single, big piece of stone, rather than of small bricks. This is due to the fact that dwarves use Earth magic to weld blocks back together in a construction, leaving the buildings with a finer, flat surface.


Vilennor is built by the base of the Bashmu Mountains, resulting in an inclined layout for the city. The main gate is located at the lowest point of the city, by the level of the Oaklands, and goes up from there until the other end, at the upper-class district. The aforementioned Oaklands surround the first half of Vilennor, giving access to some woodcutting, hunting, and foraging.

Natural Resources

The sole reason for Vilennor's existence: its resources. Bashmium, which can be refined into mithril and adamant, is the main protagonist here, and can be found plenty. Iron for steel is also an important resource, with gold, silver, gems, and other minerals coming right after. And finally, the plentyful stone is used all around the Kingdom for construction.

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