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Capital of the Kingdom of Archana


"I didn't expect to return to Nouvemond like this... But yeah, this is it, the great capital of Archana, the seat of power of the King. We probably shouldn't dally here, this isn't Blackbourne. The guard here has eyes everywhere, and they aren't afraid of getting their hands dirty."
— Zeke Lionhart

The pride and joy of the Archani, Nouvemond is the oldest settlement in the kingdom, the center of all the best Archana has to offer, and also its capital.


The population is roughly composed 80% of Humans, and 20% of Dwarves. There are no accounts of Elves living in Nouvemond, as they are often too uncomfortable in big cities.


As the capital, Nouvemond is governed by King Abraham II much like the rest of the kingdom. He stands at the top ruling over the city, with the nobility below him, serving as counselors and the kind.


Nouvemond's walls are second only to the Diamond Walls of Edgemourn. Its architecture and features are on par, though they do not have the same level of tactical options and layers of defence. Still, there are also the inner walls that protect the Dawn Keep and the surrounding buildings.


Nouvemond enjoys from the first sewer system in the kingdom, along with many other things: a large square for a marketplace, farms with mills and irrigation, houses of up to 3 stories, a towering facility for the ADP, a dock for boats to travel up and down the Black River, and much more.


Nouvemond's history is closely intertwined with Archana's, as it was the first settlement founded in the Oaklands after The Calamity. As it grew and became a city-state, other settlements needed to be created in order to provide a better structure. It warred against Hrastgar for a few decades, until a peace treaty was made and they joined forces.

Soon, the Nation of Nouvemond was founded, helping the capital and the other towns grow faster than anyone could expect.

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