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Dawn Keep

The main building of Nouvemond, home of the Ruler and the royal family


"The glorious beacon of Archana's ideals. Not as glorious as you'd think, though..."
— Street Fox, Thief of Legend

A monument to the history of Nouvemond and the whole Kingdom of Archana, the Dawn Keep embodies all the ideals, all that is grand in the land, a worthy palace to the Ruler of Archana.


Purpose / Function

Primarily, the Dawn Keep is meant to house and protect the Ruler of Archana and their family from external threats. But it also a symbol of the main ideals of the Kingdom, showing in its architecture the strengths of the Archani.


The first iteration of the Dawn Keep, built during the first decade, was a large house made of wood, known back then as the Manoir du Nouvemond. The first major reformation was during the War of the Oaklands when stone started being added as reinforcements to the walls until the whole thing was stone a few decades later.

When the Artalgnian Empire conquered the land, the nobility in charge of the then colony of Arcanopia started a new reformation, so it became a full-fledged royal keep of the Artalgnian style. And when the Resistance regained the independence of the land and founded the Kingdom of Archana, King Charles had his friend and engineer Cyrus Dunstan rework the entire castle, so it reflected the personality of the Archani, and not of the Artalgnian Empire. It was named the Dawn Keep, as a reference to the dawn of a new era to the land and the people.


The stone blocks of the building are put together and sculpted with magic as if it was made of a single, large block, as is the dwarven style. But not all of it is hard edges. There are decorative curves, as well as golden and amethyst trims and details all over the building, giving it a very regal and mystic feel. At the top of the keep, the Eye of Tiamat stands watching over the city.

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