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High Ruler of the Kingdom of Archana


"The people need a strong leader. One who guides them and gives them hope for a better future."
— Abraham II, King of Archana

King/Queen is the highest sociopolitical position in the Kingdom of Archana. They have the authority to give the final say in any subject concerning the kingdom, whatever it may be. A title that evokes respect nearly unanimously, to who the people look up to as an inspiration and role model.


While still young, a future King/Queen is taught by their parents everything they think is necessary for their child to fulfill their role, though their education may be delegated to a tutor. The subjects taught to the Prince/Princess changed through the generations as they are highly dependent on the ruling King/Queen's values. Among other basic bits of knowledge, these subjects may include, but are not limited to, Diplomacy, Leadership - Motivation & Inspiration, Battle Strategies, Armed Combat, Foreign Languages, Trade & Economy, International Diplomacy, Introduction to Magic, and Religion.


The position of King/Queen is a hereditary one. The King/Queen picks one of their heirs, often the firstborn; when the child reaches at least 20, and they are deemed ready, they inherit the throne, with the previous King/Queen guiding them as counselors.


While the role is hereditary, there is one legal way to be an outsider and acquire the title: through marriage. A man who marries the Queen becomes a King, or a woman who marries the King becomes a Queen. Despite that, only the member of the royal family keeps all the benefits and responsibilities, while the person who acquired the title through marriage has very limited authority, acting as a delegate to their spouse, but never above them.


The King/Queen is the highest rank of authority in Archana. It is their role to keep everything running as smoothly as possible, organize defenses to the Kingdom and deliver the people a good life standard.


While they are often only working with more administrative business, they have authority over all and every area. For the survival of the Kingdom, it is in the King/Queen's authority to intervene even in the most basic aspects of people's lives, if so is needed.


A King/Queen has full access to the Dawn Keep and is able to give and take permissions of how it's used, as their official home. Not to mention all the other obvious benefits as being able to evoke their authority to go, come, and do as pleased, though discretion is required not to provoke lash out from the people.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Aside from the Crown of the Forefather which was worn by Charles Maine and passed down through the generations, there are no official garments that accompany the title. Despite that, the King/Queen has access to any and all the best clothing and equipment they can demand.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

There are no legal means through which a King/Queen may be removed from their position. The only possible way is through revolution, though that has never happened since the founding of the Kingdom.


Once Arcanopia got rid of Artalgne's clutches thanks to The Resistance, their leader Amice Lionhart refused to take the throne, so her right arm and adoptive brother Charles Maine stepped up to found the Kingdom of Archana. With that, he made himself the King of Archana, proceeding to rule the land.

Cultural Significance

The King/Queen is seen and respected by the Archani as the ultimate symbol of their unity and will. The King/Queen's decision are not to be questioned, as they have trained their entire life to know what the people needs, to do what they do.

Notable Holders

Civic, Political
In effect
307 AE
Length of Term
Lifelong (or until passed down to an heir)
First Holder
Current Holders
Past Holders
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