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The Calamity

Era beginning/end


The world is reborn as the other Realms have been expelled forever from Earth, starting the Third Era

For the first time, Humans were able to properly fend off a war that has been raging in the background for millennia. When The Nine succesfully joined their powers, they were finally able to expell both Realms that were trying to conquer Earth. Known as Caeles, the Realm of Order, and Mors, the Realm of Chaos, the Nine drained the Aether out of both worlds, which meant preventing them from opening gates to our realm ever again. But with this, all this primal energy from two worlds did not leave our own unscathed.   This event changed everything, as the interaction of Aether with its elements, such as Thunder, unstabilized all human technology, throwing the world back into a more primitive age. Despite that, humans, and all of planet Earth, would see a new age coming, an age of magic.

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