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Alternate worlds governed by differing concepts


"We are not alone here. Our world is only one among many others. It is rather sad that we may never actually get to see them, though..."
— Ailill, the Druid

Realms are parallel dimensions, separate universes, all coexisting but physically apart. One cannot cross from a Realm to another, except with the use of the Realm Gates, an advanced Aura-type magic that links two worlds together.

Known Realms


The universe where planet Earth resides in, the Realm of Balance was created from a short truce between Caeles and Mors as a means to reach their gods, the Dragons. Unexpectedly, Aequus became home to Humans, a species closely linked to these higher beings.


The Realm of Order is a cold world, where the elements of the same category prevail. Its inhabitants reflect that, being overly rational, zealous, patient and stubborn, to the point of exaggeration. Together with Mors, Caeles was created by Tiamat herself, the ultimate Goddess.


The Realm of Chaos, on the other hand, embodies the opposing elements, as expected. Natives from these fiery lands are violent, impetuous, carefree and quick to anger, like a hungry beast. Together with Caeles, Mors was created by Tiamat, the mother Goddess for both people.


Ekssar is a mysterious place. The Land of the Gods, where the Dragons inhabit and Tiamat ruled over, has never been seen, and finding it was the whole reason why Aequus was created. It is said that it is a land impossible for humanity to conceive, as the foundations of its existence go beyond the understanding our minds can achieve, according to the Elemental Stones.


While no other Realms have been discovered, it is not impossible they exist somewhere out there. Caeles and Mors were formed from Tiamat's sacrifice and the extent of her powers is unknown, so creating more Realms is not out of question. There is also the Dragons from Ekssar, whose culture and doings are unknown, and could have created other Realms of their own.

Dimensional plane

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