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Priest-knights of the Church of Tiamat's Way


"Shining armor, sharp swords, large shields, unbreakable will and endless devotion. Their work has always gone unnoticed by most people, but I've always admired the paladins."
— Zeke Lionhart

Disciplined and highly trained warriors of the Light, Paladins are elite priest-knights of the Church of Tiamat's Way, sworn to protect the people and stop the Blight.



Paladins spend several years in training in the Order of Tiamat's Knights before they earn the right to be called so. They need to be exquisite fighters, some of the best Archana has to offer, an elite few that can stand their ground against multiple foes. They also need to be especially proficient with Light magic, to heal, protect, and smite, as they need, since their foe is darkness itself. And finally, they are put face-to-face with their greatest fears, so they learn to become stronger in mind and be unshakable against the terrifying.

Payment & Reimbursement

A paladin's life is humble much as a priest's, and they have no direct payment. They receive the food, equipment, resources, and shelter they need from the government, through the Church.

Other Benefits

Due to the ties with the institution, paladins have guaranteed food and shelter in any church throughout Archana when they need it, be them on a casual trip or in an important quest for the Order.



The Order of Tiamat's Knights was created with the goal to prepare an elite group of priests and knights to discover the source of the blight and find a way to stop it. While many have tried, none have succeeded in this quest - the Blightwoods has claimed them all. As the damned forest grows, the paladins have been running out of time and their mission has been getting harder and harder, as there is much more ground to cover now than back when the Order was founded.

There were several instances that the paladins served as reinforcement at the border of Archana when enemy nations tried to invade the kingdom, but that is not their main role.

Social Status

Paladins are part of the elite. Even if one of them wasn't born in the nobility, which is rare, they are always treated as so. Some people have begun to question the point of the Order in the last decades since all attempts to stop the blight have failed, but they are sometimes still respected as the best the kingdom has to offer.


The training of a paladin is not for anyone to handle, and that means only a few who try to get to become one of them. There are only 55 of them across the whole kingdom and another 24 abroad questing for answers to the blight.


The Order of Tiamat's Knights was founded in 315 AE as King Charles's response to the constant growth of the Blightwoods, then threatening Esperbrook. Over 7 decades later, the numerous incursions into the Woods have proven fruitless, and they had to conduct the evacuation of Esperbrook in order to save the townspeople.

Since then, they have taken a more scholar approach to the issue, experimenting with the disease and trying new things to slow down the blight, while also improving their training methods and passing down every important discovery they make.



Every paladin receives a set of full plate armor, light chain armor, a shield, a mace, a longsword, a bow, a lance, a symbol of Tiamat, and a warhorse, all to be used as is each one's preference.

Provided Services

While not actually their role, as protectors of the people, paladins are sometimes called to help deal with minor issues, such as rampant animals, highwaymen, and others of the sort when they are nearby. They may also serve as healers to the sick and the wounded, as every paladin is able to use Light magic.

Dangers & Hazards

As they work to stop the blight, paladins are always at risk of contracting it. Due to their advanced training, paladins are almost always immune to the common blight, the one that spreads from the ground and the trees. Still, their nemesis, The Whispering One, is able to infect them directly through its touch.

Alternative Names
Holy Knights
Legal; Regulated
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