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The Whispering One

A living shadow, harbinger of madness, death and disease

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"We will all die. Every night, every day, I hear it and I see it, coming for us, uttering death to me. It is coming, and it won't stop until this entire kingdom is consumed by the blight..."
— a Paladin of the Order of Tiamat's Light, infected by the blight

Since the discovery of the Blightwoods, people have feared it. It grew larger through the years, slowly consuming the land around it to expand. In the beginning, of all those who dared to venture inside, none returned. As the fear of the people grew, King Charles Maine decided it was about time to put an end to this corruption, and created the Order of Tiamat's Light. Their hopes, though, were for naught: while the Paladins of the order almost always returned, every once in a while a single one of them, and never more, would die. They reported a presence in the Woods, like the trees themselves were alive and watching the knights. But when one of them was marked by the Blight, a death sentence in the form of a disease, the victim would be tormented by a shadow speaking unintelligible words to them, a voice they would call: The Whispering One.

Basic Information


Those who venture in the Blightwoods and have glanced at this being tell tales of a figure, a presence dashing amidst the trees, watching those who trespass its territory. Those few who have been touched by its curse dream of a human-sized shadow, shifting its form, and drifting towards them.

Being an amorphous shadow, it is hard to understand how the Whispering One's biology works, let alone what it can do. It is assumed that it is some kind of ghost, which would mean it cannot directly and physically interact with anything around it, but there are rare reports of fights against the creature that suggest it can make physical contacts, and has proven to be a deadly foe. Aside from that, the extent of its physical capabilities is unknown.

Ecology and Habitats

Studies suggest the Whispering One has a deep connection to the Blightwoods it inhabits. The extent of that is unknown, but, if it is indeed a single creature, it has to have some level of connection with the dead forest as it seems to watch incursions as soon as they enter the Woods, no matter from where - and it doesn't seem to leave there as well.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Whispering One has never been seen feeding. It's not far stretched to assume it doesn't either, based on the fact it lives in the dead wasteland that the Blightwoods is. However, it most certainly hunts. Even though it watches, as can be easily told by the faint whispers one can hear when he is near, it doesn't always get in contact with those who enter the Woods. It seems to choose a specific type of target, advancing only when its prey has its guard down and/or when it's isolated. And when that happens, it ends as quickly as it starts: the Whispering One approaches, dashing towards its target, trying to make physical contact - only to trespass them and vanish once again.

The Blight

Those who have suffered an attack from the Whispering One are said to be "marked". Even though there have been very few who have suffered from this, all the victims have fallen to the same fate. A stronger and unhealable version of the Blight infects the victim, which will cause a series of symptoms that will slowly wither the person away until they die. These include physical weakness, paranoia caused by unexisting voices, constant nightmares with the Whispering One, chronic pessimism, and depression. These symptoms get worse every passing day, until the person either suicides in madness, or dies due to physical exhaustion and multiple organ failure.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

It is supposed that the Whispering One is confined to the limits of the Blightwoods. It has never been seen outside, and reports of sightings grow as farther as the Woods itself grows.

Average Intelligence

One can only suppose how intelligent the Whisperer is. It does show a good level of intelligence, at least, as it seems to skulk around and analyze those who enter the Woods - not to mention its seeming ability to speak, even though no one who was plagued by the blight could discern the words it utters.

In Folklore

It is no surprise that the Whispering One, surrounded in mystery, is a common character in the Archani folklore. One example of a tale is the one of the Child-eater, which is often told to children to persuade them to behave. In this tale, the Whispering One, or the Child-eater, comes during the night in search of children with evil in their heart to take them and eat them and grow stronger.

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The Whispering One is actually a magical manifestation of Umbra, the Elemental Stones of Dark. It is trying to find the right person to fulfill its end, and the blight is its means of trying to make contact. Those who contract the disease are the ones it chooses to test, and those who succumb to it - everyone so far - are the ones it deemed unworthy.

Unknown - Possibly immortal
(reports date back to ~350 years ago)
Conservation Status
Despite the name, no one is really entirely sure if there is only a single one of this creature, or if there are more of them out there.

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