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Charles Maine

The first king from the Kingdom of Archana

King Charles August Maine (a.k.a. The Forefather)


"As you all, I would much rather see my sister Amice assume the role of Queen. She has always been the best of us and was mature enough to take the idea of a rebellion seriously when we of her age thought only about pranking guards. But after so much, it is only fair that now she gets the rest she sought for so long. I am not sure if I deserve such an honor... I was part of this just as any other rebel. But the throne must be occupied, and if you think I should be the one, I will be happy to oblige. I have proven my dedication to you, and I will continue so through the years to come. You have proven you are a strong people, and I will continue to allow you to show that. Working together, I am sure we can make of the Kingdom of Archana the greatest nation there ever was!"
— Charles Maine, during his coronation speech

Younger adoptive brother of Lady Amice and one of the leaders of The Resistance, Charles August Maine was the first King to assume his position after the Kingdom of Archana was founded. He was able to unite the land under a single flag, including settlements that were independent before Arcanopia. He was charismatic and a skilled swordsman, and gave the Archani a new perspective for the future.

Due to his unequaled preoccupation with welfare of every single individual under his governance and his amazing diplomatic skills which he used to unite Archana without ever drawing a weapon, Charles earned a spot in the Circle of Heroes as a Hero of Archana.

Divine Domains

Diplomacy, Leadership, Protection

Known as "The Forefather" in the Circle, Charles was recognized by his impressive inspirational words and his ability to bring different people together to work towards a common goal. Prayers to the Forefather call for his blessing for protection and to help people find common ground and work together despite their differences.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in Hrastgar, Charles grew up among a people with a deep hatred towards their conquerors, the Artalgnian Empire. He was taught since his early years about the immoralities of their situation and how Artalgne should never have touched their nation. As a descendant of war veterans, his father also taught him, their only son, the importance of self-defense, and for that purpose, how to use a sword.

The boy would grow to be attentive to his surroundings, knowing the dangers of living among enemy soldiers, subjugated by an enemy culture. Despite all this, his instincts of self-preservation have always kept him from thinking big and trying anything risky, always preferring to keep to himself away from the soldiers, even while his friends tried to prank them.

It was when his mother fell ill that he met Amice, Hrastgar's jack-of-all-trades. She was not much older than him but had quite a reputation in the city as the unbreakable girl who was doing her best to be someone. She was hired for a few days to tend for his mother while the family was away, but their bond grew so strong they eventually offered their home as her own, resulting in Charles getting a new older sister. As she was to everyone in the city, her determination won him over, and he joined her when she started a group of rebels. With his wit and skills, he ended up as the instructor and commander of the Steel Wardens, the forefront division of the Resistance.

Years of fighting later, they won their battle and took the throne from Artalgne. He stepped up as the new king with the approval of the people and began to make changes that would shape the future of Archana. Among his deeds, there was The Hawkcliff Treaty and the pact with the Rovers to protect Blackbourne Bay from enemy ships.

He had a successful and satisfactory reign and life, dying at the age of 81.


Charles attended to a formal school until graduation, and from that point on he devoted himself solely to the cause of the Resistance. He was also taught to use the sword by his father, a knowledge he passed on to the Steel Wardens he trained.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Even though he was the youngest of the bunch, Charles was able to earn the right to train and lead the Steel Wardens during the rebellion, thanks to his skill with the sword, his perceptive nature, and charismatic personality. His plans were always successful, and even when there were unforeseen events, he could adapt quickly to make his people leave alive.

Other impressive feats were the unification and defenses of the kingdom. The Mountain Dwarves had proven uncooperative up to this point, but he could outargue them, and make them accept an alliance with Archana. It was also he who made a deal with the rovers to protect Archana and, with the help of the engineer Cyrus Dunstan, devised the current design of Fort Edgemourn and the Diamond Walls.


During his days as leader of the Steel Wardens, Charles adorned his personal shield to serve as a symbol of inspiration to his men. This shield would come to be known as the Ward of the Sun. When he became king and left the Wardens, he gifted the shield to them, who set it on display at Fort Edgemourn to remember them of their purpose and the great things they achieved.

For long the shield was kept there, unused and untouched. When the Steel Wardens were disbanded, the shield was claimed back by King Abraham Maine, who took it into his collection.

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Archana; Warden Commander; The Forefather
Currently Held Titles
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
285 AE 366 AE 81 years old
Current Residence
Presented Sex
Honey blond, short, straight
77 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Family & Relations
Amice Lionhart (adoptive sister and partner)
Maine Family (descendants)
Cyrus Dunstan (friend and partner)
Douglas Devin (friend and partner)

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