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Hero of Archana

Outstanding individuals who aided the Kingdom of Archana


"I don't want to be here, stuck to a chair. I want to go out and be someone. I want to become strong, I want to become a Hero of Archana. It's a silly dream, I know... But I can't stay here and just give up."
— Zeke Lionhart

Certainly the most respected title in all of Archana, even above the nobility, a Hero of Archana is much more than a title of honor. It is a title given only to those who have done amazing feats to aid the kingdom, be it of the mind or body. Those who receive the title of Hero are immortalized with a statue in the Circle of Heroes and revered as saints by the people.


While it is the King or Queen who officializes the title, a Hero is chosen by the Archani as a people, recognizing an individual as exceptional.


After Raymond Vilennor's sacrifice, the city of Vilennor was named in his honor, together with a statue carved for him. He was the first individual recognized as having great importance to the people.

Later on, after the Pact of the Oaklands was made, his statue was moved to Hrastgar and put alongside one to the Warmatron, officializing the title of "Heroes".

And when the Kingdom of Archana was born after the expelling of Artalgne, the title was changed to "Hero of Archana", together with the religious recognition of the already existing practices.

Cultural Significance

Once the individual dies, is recognized as a Hero of Archana and has their statue added to the Circle of Heroes, they also receive a title that represents their outstanding achievements. The archani, especially the Hrastfolk, believe their souls still inhabit the world, and so they pray to the Heroes to lend their particular strengths. This practice merged with the religious beliefs of Archana, and now

Notable Holders

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