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Title of knighthood to those who fight for Archana


"Noble warrior, you who have survived countless foes, you, who have led the Wardens and inspired bravery in everyone's hearts. Indeed a worthy descendant of Lady Amice. For your deeds of bravery to the kingdom and your devotion to the crown, I, King Abraham II, am honored to dub you 'Ser Achard Lionhart'."
— King Abraham II knighting Achard Lionhart

In the Kingdom of Archana, exceptional individuals are properly rewarded by their deeds. One such reward is the title of Ser/Lady, or Knight, granted to those who are devoted to helping the land politically or militarily.


While there are no specific requirements for someone to be knighted, they must be particularly great at what they do and stand out among others. Maybe a particularly good commander, a fearless warrior, an inspiring leader... Anyone who stands out to the ruler of the kingdom.


Only the King/Queen may grant this title. The ceremony is short, with them giving a speech and handling the subject the documents while they repeat an oath of devotion.


The responsibilities of a holder of this title vary widely depending on who they are. They may be expected to give counsel to the ruler, to lead a personal army, to maintain peace in a settlement, to be a diplomat between two people... whatever the person was already doing that earned them the title.


The only guaranteed benefit to the holder of this title is the authority to intervene in any dispute of the classes below them. They have the authority to give orders where necessary and maintain order among their people. Still, more often than not, the title is also accompanied by other benefits, such as roles of importance in society, houses, payments, and other material gratifications.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Much as the title is given to anyone in service to the kingdom, it may be stripped if one fails to conduct their duty. Anyone who turns against the King/Queen or engages in any activity considered betrayal will lose their title of knight.


The title of Ser/Lady was created in 307 AE with the foundation of the Kingdom of Archana, with the intent to recognize the deeds of Amice Lionhart, Douglas Devin and others who contributed during the fight for independence of the nation. It was then granted to many others who showed great loyalty to the kingdom, becoming a commonly sought title by the members of the Lionhart family.

Cultural Significance

Knights are individuals of great prowess, and the people recognize that. When resolving disputes or organizing situations, they rarely need to invoke force, as the Archani have learned to respect anyone who bears the title.

Notable Holders

Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial
In effect
307 AE
Alternative Naming
Source of Authority
Length of Term
Lifelong (or until stripped)
First Holder
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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