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The Kingdom of Archana



The trap has sprung, Artalgne was defeat and Archana was then free, finally.

Following 8 years of minor attempts to hinder Artalgne, finally a chance to seize their independence had presented itself to The Resistance.   After a number of pirate raids during the last few months, with a couple of planned ambushes by the Resistance, Artalgne's troops were running thinner, and were waiting for reinforcements that wouldn't arrive for the next few weeks. During this window, they have learned that the local Artalgne Duke, Messenio Tacitus, would travel to Vilennor. On their way back, Amice and a few others let themselves be captured by the Artalgnian guard after a failed attempt of assassination, a mere feint, and later revealing she was the leader of the Resistance so she would be taken to the dungeon at Nouvemond Castle.   During that night, spies from the Silent Blades learned that Tacitus would execute Amice by fire in public the next day, as it was expected. They prepared a escape route for the prisioners, except for Amice, and disguises for the the Steel Wardens to blend into the crowd.   In the next day, with everyone at their posts, Amice was taken to the main square by the castle to be executed. As the people gathered and Tacitus's terror-inspiring speech was coming to an end, Amice revealed herself to be a magic-user, and a pretty good one at that, by preventing the fire from burning her alive. As Tacitus despaired and retreated to the castle, Amice broke herself free and joined the Steel Wardens, holding the guard on their places.   Tacitus didn't find respite in the castle though, as he met with the remaining prisoners and the other Silent Blades, all waiting for him on his way in. His personal guards were quickly overwhelmed, and the Duke himself finally slain.   It was just a matter of time before the Resistance either killed or chased off all the other Artalgnians from the nation. And with that, they hoisted a new flag, a flag for the new Kingdom of Archana.   While the Resistance wanted Amice to assume the role of Queen, she didn't think that life suited her and offered the post to Charles Maine, her right arm and lead tactitian, who gladly accepted. Amice was knighted, received the title of Lionheart, a few other honorary rewards and left the spotlight to live the quiet life she fought for.   The Steel Wardens were reallocated to serve as the specialized unit in defense of the border at Edgemourn, while Douglas Devin and the Silent Blades went back into the underground of Blackbourne to be a trump card in the case a threat ever needed to be dispatched. The Tiamat's Way church was reformed to allow for a more liberal view of magic, something that fit better with Archana's views. And finally, a treaty was made with the pirates, they could use Blackbourne as a safe port, but in return they had to defend the coast as if it was their home - which, in fact, it now was.