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Blackbourne Bay

Archan maritime territory by the great city of Blackbourne


"Blackbourne Bay – the infamous sea of pirates! Plagued by the land's most cruel and heartless criminals, the scourge of the seas, the worst of the worst! Well, if you believe those tales..."
— Alwer Deepsea, captain of the Maelstrom

Someone who has heard about the Blackbourne Bay certainly has also heard about the pirates that roam those waters. The Bay was given to them by King Charles Maine as part of a truce, and since then they are free to come and go, though they have to protect it as well. With this, the Kingdom of Archana doesn't have to be too worried about invaders coming from the north, such as Krenjor.


The bay is surrounded by land to the west, south, which are Archan Territory, and by unconquered lands to the east. The bottom of the sea isn't too deep, but it is enough to offer ships the opportunity to approach Blackbourne with no difficulty.

Natural Resources

There are a good number of aquatic animals in the bay, such as trouts and lobsters, and there is some fishing in the area, though this is not a large scale business.

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