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Douglas Devin

The first Master of the Silent Blades

Douglas Devin (a.k.a. "DD", "Devin")


"Ol' Devin was a great man. Wasn't for him, this land' still be Arcanopia. Somehow History forgot 'im, though..."
— Nancy Auvray, owner of the Cloak & Dagger

Douglas Devin was a member of the Devin family, direct descendant of those who lead the survivors of Blackbourne to the safety of Devin's Retreat. He earned his mark on history by helping The Resistance and leading the Silent Blades.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Not much is known about Douglas Devin, as there are only a few historical records mentioning him. He learned about Amice's attempt to free their nation and offered to help her and the Resistance by opening the doors of the Devin's Retreat to them.

This earned Devin the spot as the leader of the Silent Blades, which he fulfilled to his best. After they freed Archana, he kept on leading the Blades until his death.


Devin was known to wield a sword, the Blade of Liberation, which now serves as a badge of office to the order's Master. The Drow believe the blade holds a great power, but no one nowadays is sure of that, as the Masters rarely join in on fights.

Previously Held Ranks & Titles
274 AE 343 AE 69 years old
Current Residence
Unknown (grave)
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Family & Relations
Charles Maine (friend and partner)
Amice Lionhart (friend and partner)

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