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The City of Heroes, standing in the center of Archana


"Hrastgar feels... Different than the other cities I visited. The people here are so lively and strong. It is like I just entered one of the History books..."
— Claire Branwen, Magus of the ADP

Located in the center of the Kingdom of Archana, Hrastgar is a famous city for many reasons. Its people's unquenchable spirit is a thing of legends, but the city is also known for being the home of bards and the Circle of Heroes, an important site for the Kingdom's religion.


Much like in the rest of Archana, the majority of the Hrastfolk are humans, but more here than in any other city, elves are particularly common. They are still few in numbers, but only Springdrop has more in terms of proportions. Dwarves, contrariwise, are few in Hrastgar, moreso than in any other city. The freespirited nature of the locals isn't attractive to most dwarves, and the little use they make of stone leaves only few of the favorite occupations of the dwarves needed.

Industry & Trade

Hrastgar is known for providing some of the best sellswords in the land, not to mention the bards. That, together with the geographical location of the city, results in many people coming to and going through Hrastgar. And in turn, the local markets of taverns, inns, and trade of weapons, food, and traveling equipment grew quickly, and have become the main industry of Hrastgar. The city is also the main provider of common wood and woodwork in Archana, as Springdrop Sanctuary deals mainly with magical wood.

Guilds and Factions

Baard's College for Musicians and Storytellers, better known as the Traveling Notes, is easily the most famous organization on Hrastgar. It follows the city's story since the beginning and is both a result and an influence in the Hrastfolk's culture. The College's bards can be found all around the Kingdom, spreading stories, culture, and also offering their armed services for smaller works that other mercenaries don't have the time to concern themselves with.


While Hrastgar has been in a state of comfortable peace since the founding of Archana, its early history is full of conflict. The ancestors of the Hrastfolk settled on Archana, coming from the North, and it wasn't long before the locals picked a fight with them. The people of Nouvemond were led to believe that Hrastgar was raiding trade caravans and attacking travelers, justifying the war that came after.

But the truth was that Hrastgar never attacked anyone, and even as their walls were under siege, all they did was defend themselves. The justification behind the war was a lie carefully crafted by Nouvemond's military commander to try and take Hrastgar by force, as it stood in a key region for the growth of the Nation of Nouvemond, right in the center of it. The raids, the disappearance, all set up to justify the war.

That lie was put to light by Baard Nordrum, grandson of Hilde Nordrum, ruler of Hrastgar. Through his music and his voice, he spread the truth about the war, bringing more and more people from Nouvemond to his side of the cause. When the commander was confronted, Baard finally put her to the blade, ending the War of the Oaklands. With this, a pact was struck, and Hrastgar joined forces with Nouvemond.

After that, Hrastgar has served as an important asset to the land, providing the best warriors available during difficult times. It was there that King Charles was born and where Lady Amice Lionhart grew up, where The Resistance was born to free Arcanopia so that the Kingdom of Archana could rise. And it was also where most of the Steel Wardens hailed from.


Walking the opposite road of the rest of the largest settlements in Archana, most of Hrastgar's buildings are made of wood, instead of stone. The Hrastfolk are proud people, very attached to their roots and culture, and have opted to preserve their ways of building. This has raised many debates on the defensive limits of their walls but to no avail.


Hrastgar is located in the Oaklands, which is also the translation for the city's name. This region is composed of large and thin woods, dotted with great oak trees, with occasional hills. Small rivers can be found all around, but the large Black River goes through the city, providing all the water needed.

Natural Resources

Wood is the main resource in Hrastgar, which it both uses and trades to other cities. For local use only, there is a plentiful game for hunting and fish in the local nature. There are also a few farms around, and many families also have their own small plantations.

Alternative Name(s)
City of Heroes
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s. Hrastgarian; pl. Hrastfolk
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